Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craigslist is different because...

So Sciencegirl and I have this running thing about the internets and legacy media. She, being the (sort of) lefty that she is, sees a (bad) difference in kind between them and distrusts the new. Plus, it's totally unregulated! (By government, experts who know what's best for us, and economic barriers to participation.)

I, being the narrow minded small c conservative that I am, see only (good) differences in degree between old media and new. Plus, it's much less regulated! (By government, experts who know what's best for us, and economic barriers to participation.)

I'm constantly saying that the web is just faster and cheaper than the newspaper. For example-

Staghounds: "Why don't you look on ebay for those jeans you like?"

Sciencegirl: "No way. I don't know who those people are, they are far away. What if they just keep my money? What if they send the wrong size?"

"But you were raised on LL Bean, and Talbots, and Squire's Choice."

"That's different."


"I know them."

So today, she told me about the "CraigsList Killer".

"See, I told you it was dangerous."

"It could just as easily have been a newspaper classified."

"No it couldn't, they find out who you are with newspaper adverts."

"That's silly, of course they don't. I could order an advert in your name, pay with cash or a postal money order, and be entirely anonymous."

"Well, it's still different."

"How? You're a scientist, don't just assert. How is being found on Craigslist different from them doing it in the Post twenty years ago, or in the telephone book when Taft was President?"

"It's creepier!"

You have me there.


Barbara said...

LOL. How do you do it? Tape record telephone conversations or carry a stenographer around with you? Most of us cannot remember our morning deli counter order.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully most lefies are au fait with the internet. See - Obama '08.

staghounds said...

Vraiment, je pourrais avoir dit "au courant".

Mais peu droities sont susceptibles d'employer l'une ou l'autre locution!