Sunday, April 05, 2009

Liberty is LOUD...

So on the way back from my meetings I stopped by the Knob Creek machine gun shoot.

At which I was the sole and only person in crispy twill trousers, polished leather paddock shoes, and starched white Oxford button down shirt. My usual "shoot me first" attire.

Plenty of interesting things to gawk at and play with, including a brand new condition Colt Monitor, a couple of Belgian Rattlesnakes, and one of the new Gardner copies.

When all those things crank up under that tin shed, they are loud. But it doesn't "sound like a war", as I heard more than once. Just one long roar, and no chattering of one's own teeth. Sheesh.

It was worth stopping by on the way, but I'm glad I didn't drive more than 15 minutes out of the way.


Anonymous said...

What is it with you and posting what you wore?

staghounds said...

I seldom vary my rather dull dress much, and usually fit in that way wherever I am. It's a well known joke that when I have been in "tactical" situations, my attire is generally eye and thus fire, drawing. Like thin knees.

On this occasion, I thought it was interesting. The clothing that about half the men wear at a point to point or regatta was absolutely unique among spectators at a machine gun shoot.

It amused me, anyway. But that's so easy to do.

And it is odd that there was another clothing post recently.

Anonymous said...

Not odd buddy, that's why I commented on it. In another posting you wrote how you were (inappropriately) dressed in evening gear at a gun show. Guess you couldn't get changed at the "do", in your car or in the mens room at the gun show, eh?

staghounds said...

Right you are, hadn't thought of that one. It's a pattern! Overdressing Disorder, is that in the DSM IV?

I originally intended to change at an hotel near the gun show, but my friends hove up as I stepped out of the car and we went on in.

And I couldn't resist testing K's theory.

Funny, that pattern thing though. Hmm...

Thank you for pointing it out!