Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Two Hound Day…

Another Two Hound Day…

And with Romance still among the pack.

At one point the whipper-in was rating a hound, and said (I thought) “Back to him, Climax!”

I said, “We have a Climax, too.”

“No, that’s (some other name). We don’t have a Climax.”

“You have Darling, Romance, and Passion, but no Climax? Then you are doing it wrong.”

Clear skies with rain.

I attached myself to someone I suspected belonged among my keen hunter hall of fame:

and I wasn’t disappointed.

First on a jungly hill- it’s late November in England, and look at the foliage!

In a good spot, she came down the ravine above us, then back up, and bang.

Then up again we went, this time in exactly the right spot:

Around behind us, and bang.

A redraw up the ridge, and back she came toward the same spot!

Meanwhile, from another corner of the wood:

She didn’t look hunted hunted to me, so I didn’t holloa. And in fact she wasn’t, but they lost her, and came back to that one.

Round and round in the woods below- she came almost right upto us but turned back and eventually got away.

Then up onto the moors, where we saw very little.

The rains came down, and home.

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