Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bottom Rail On Top Now!

Tennessee now has a rat- err, "independent"- proof Republican majority State Senate, State House, and Federal Congressional majority.

Those old Jeff Davis Gerrymanders are out the window!

As they are in the:

* Alabama House and Senate
* Indiana House
* Iowa House
* Maine House and Senate
* Michigan House
* Minnesota House and Senate
* Montana House
* New Hampshire House and Senate
* North Carolina House and Senate
* Ohio House
* Pennsylvania House
* Wisconsin Assembly and Senate

I'm sure the 9th Federal district will get special consideration, obviously impossible to get a Black candidate elected among those raaaacists!

Plus, STACEY CAMPFIELD WON, against both the Democrats AND RINOs!


DirtCrashr said...

Gerrymanders are evil, destroy them and the people who implement them.

DirtCrashr said...

If we could get rid of our permanent majority gerrymanders California might get back in the hunt. Back in 1961 Jess Unruh really screwed us, and then Phil Burton did more damage in 1981.