Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Antepenultimate American Hunting Week End...

Was a tragic casualty of closed territory and no scent. First of three hunts in two days was a morning with the O. F. H. It's a plough country, and the crops are finally in. Not a leaf has fallen!

Still cubhunting, so one of the whippers-in wore a bicycle crash helmet and EOD jacket. It is dangerous work!

They tried, and struck pretty quickly. And ran almost directly into recently sown wheat fields, off limits! So stop off, come back, and draw again.

And off to the same place! I think they pressed "RESET" three times, with the same result. Aggravating day to whip in, pulling hounds off when they are running right. They give you such looks!

But the day suggested that this may be a good season this year down South.

On north to the O. H. H. A pretty blank day, couldn't hold onto much of anything. Not surprising, look at that filthy weather!

Third day was opening day at the N. H. H. At the new and gorgeous house of a very fun landowner, so plenty of party.

I learned more about Mike Huckabee than I ever expected to!

The blesser of the hounds was assigned to me to carry, and it turned out to be fun. First, instead of the usual perfunctory service, he talked a bit about St. Hubert and made an effort to remind us about how what we do is (what I would call) a bit of a sacrament or act of witness to faith.

And he turned out to be actually interested in what we were doing! He fishes and stalks, so his curiosity was from a background of knowledge. I always like to carry interested learners, pedant that I am.

He had to take it all on faith, though. There was no scent at all. One rider saw a coyote, and hounds were on the line in less than two minutes- not a peep. These hounds have been going well so far, so it was definitely the day not the dogs.

The other sort of bad day to whip in, nothing happening.

But, six days until England!

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