Friday, December 10, 2010

Bifixtural my First Day in France this Year...

So- the Villiers-Cotterets (AKA the Pond Hounds) first day in France. They were just around the corner. Still a bit shocking not to have to drive three hours.

It's like an Alabama divorce:

"Get out of the truck!"

Not you!

Making friends for hunting. For serious, it's a public road!

"We aire Ver ready to 'unt!"

Intent faces at the Rapport:

Suited up and ready to roll.

And trot. I’m told that many of these French hammerheads are too-slows off the trotting track. Not pretty, but they go all day!

A full sized camion de pick-up Americain:

Come on, catch up!

Just a dusting of snow:

But that awful sunshine:

Even so, deer en l’allee:

And they ran! A blistering dash and hallali in the lake:

And it was fairly early, so off I went to see if the Buckhounds were still going.

Alas, they had just stopped. But still in time for the feed. I agree, Mademoiselle!

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