Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Black Snob...

"Hi. My name is Danielle Belton and I am an official, 100 %, born n' raised American black woman. I popped out of my Mama's womb black. I'm gonna die black. I'm the descendant of slaves and their masters. I say this to let you know that this is the authentic view of one solitary natural born Negro. (Not all, so don't get it twisted.) And this is my message to non-Negroes about a troublesome word so powerful that it makes pretty white girls cry.

So listen close to what I'm about to say..."

Cintra Wilson has a new contributor, Danielle Bolton. Here's her take on the awesome power of the n word. . Well worth a read, and it isn't on her own blog, The Black Snob.

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