Sunday, July 27, 2008

The deadly N wrd..

So, Rkns hs wthdrn th ftly ofnsv lcns plts. Lcky thrs stl tm t stp "spk" nd "spd". Bt wt abt th 999 crs wth "dky" n thm? O th ofndns!

I exp "ofy" wl nt b cmplnd abt, nd tht "heb" wsn't.

Nd mnwl, I hv t b ofnd b ths rcl slr vry tm I ps a frwy ext.


Cntra Wlson hs a nw cntrbtr, Dnil Bltn. Hr's hr tk n th awsm pwr f th n wrd. Wl wth a rd, t's nt n hr blg, Th Blk Snb.


Anonymous said...

What about good old FUK, PIS, and TIT?

George Carlin, via Ouija board

staghounds said...
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Anonymous said...

Think they'd recall DYK?