Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Citizens' Arrest, With Two By Four- Bonus Film of Beatdown in Philadelphia...

Here's a crime tip- if you live in Philadelphia, and you see yourself broadcast as the suspect in the rape of an eleven year old girl, call the police rather than going to her neighbourhood.

Although the police spokesman will practice so he can deplore, yet make us all smile at the beatdown the public handed out.

"Shortly after an angry mob pummeled Jose Carrasquillo with fists and a two-by-four..."Officers saw what they thought was a fight on the street," Deputy Commissioner Thomas Wright said. "But what they saw was Mr. Carrasquillo was being taken into custody, so to say."

I like this part- ""This is something that shouldn't have happened," Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. "It's good to have him off the street."

So, does he have a lawsuit for Citizen Brutality? I'm guessing he's not feeling hermano amor right now.

H/T to the prettiest girl in Roxborough.

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Barbara said...

Follow up on this story: the two citizens with alert eyes and 2 x 4s received rewards of approxc. $5,000 each for capturing the suspect. Suspect has since been charged with multiple rapes.