Friday, June 19, 2009

My ASS for today-

It's been said of me that I have no ass, but if P. C. Bloggs can put her TITs on the web, here's an Advocacy Skills Suggestion.

When a Judge asks you a question, Lawyer, for goodness sake, don't give a direct and simple answer!

Remember, the purpose of the game is to show your brilliance. It's not the Judge's room, it's yours.

The judge can't possibly want the answer to the question. For example, "Where are you going with this line of questioning?"

You're so brilliant that where you are going should be obvious. If it's not, it's because the Judge is stupid, or you're intentionally building a mystery, and you have a big finish planned.

A vague "I'm trying to develop something", or "It will become clear later" is a good answer. It tells the Judge that all will be revealed in good time, and just to be patient.

This reassurance will calm him down so he can focus better. Whatever caused the Judge to ask the question- genuine confusion, pressure of the docket, having a funeral to go to- will wait.

And an answer like that couldn't possibly allow the Judge to wonder if you even know what you're trying to do yourself.

And it's particularly effective in front of a Jury. They are probably wondering why the Judge asked such a foolish question. And failing to answer it shows them that you know what is really going on.

Sort of like in their real lives. When the question is asked "How do I get to 1 Elm Street", a response like "Figure it out yourself" is really impressive on so many levels.

This is really a technique used by salesmen, who will tell you that when a prospect asks what the product does, it's never a good idea to tell him.

Stay in charge! Remember, YOU are the boss.

That Judge is just visiting.

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