Friday, May 27, 2005

Fallout from the Senatewhores...

John Ford's nephew Harold announced the other day that he was running for U. S. Senate. And Crutchfield's son in law, Bob Corker, is already a candidate for the same post. Wonder what effect this will have on them?

I was musing on how the senatwhores might react to all this, and there are 4 choices.

Deny, deny, deny that lying videotape. Blame the bagmen, secretaries, and the F. B. I. Worked for Alcee Hastings, not for Marion Barry.

Take the medecine, plead, serve the sentence. Honourable, and just not the way of the long time crook and fixer.

Pull the car into the garage and close the door. Coward's way out, so it's a distinct chance.

Or, the most intriguing possibility-

I'd like to think that once upon a time, even these characters were honest. Maybe, realising that their only place in history right now is being led out in chains, one or more of them will decide to select redemption and tell all. Not for a deal, not for a lesser sentence, but out of loyalty to who he once was.

The truth won't set them free, but it might make them able to face themselves.

Never happen, but it's an interesting fantasy.

I'm still infuriated by the leadership response, as is every voter to whom I speak.

Somebody posted on Rep. Campfield's blog that "everyone is hurt" by this.

NO, moral moron, "everyone" is not hurt. Any more than everyone is hurt when a burglar or rapist is caught and imprisoned.

The only ones hurt are the CRIMINALS and their ACCOMPLICES.

The honest legislators, and- try to remember them- the CITIZENS, are HELPED when a nest of thieves is discovered.

Why oh why does no one in a leadership position seem pleased that this happened?

The Governor, the Speaker, the Committee Chairmen, they all act...


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