Thursday, May 26, 2005

Our Embarassed By The Truth Governor....


"These individuals under our constitution are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it is important to remember that in the days ahead. If these charges are proven however, it will be a sad and difficult day for our state. Even the fact of these indictments and arrests are a challenge and a sadness to us all, and cannot help but shake the confidence of the people of Tennessee."

No, Governor, THIS is what you should have said...

"A court will determine their guilt or innocence. But if they are guilty, then their arrests and convictions will be great things for the people of our state. I despise corruption, support any investigation into it, and will do all I can to help root it out from its hiding places. No one who betrays the public trust is, or will be, safe in this state."

Or even

"When the Romans discovered that a public servant was corrupt, they sewed him in a sack with wild animals and threw it in the river. It's a shame that punishment is no longer available."

(Apologies to Brian DePalma.)

Only Campfield seems to think catching criminals is a GOOD THING. The rest of the politicians have forgotten that they work for US, they are OUR SERVANTS, and that THIEVES ARE BAD, even when you work beside them and watch them steal every day.

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