Friday, May 27, 2005

Poor Senatewhores...

Here's a Fisk of Hamilton County's Democratic Chairman's release. His in quotes, mine not.

"I learned of the indictments against two of our local legislative leaders on Thursday morning, and I am saddened to hear the news of the arrest of Sen. Ward Crutchfield. "

Not sad about Charles Love being arrested? Oh, he's not a Senator, just the black bag man...

"Ward has been an influencial leader in our community, and in our state for over 50 years."

Yes, it's hard to sell non influence.

"The Ward Crutchfield I know is a leader of integrity, fighting for the people of this community."

Then you can relax, because they indicted the one who goes to bat for
corporations from Atlanta who can pay his rate.

"As we learn of the indictments against Ward, and others, I am asking the people of this community to study the facts, to remember that the grand jury only heard evidence from the prosecutor before returning the charges, and that no one indicted has presented facts regarding the indictments."

One... No, a grand jury hears evidence from WITNESSES presented by a

"In our system of justice, every person charged is presummed innocent until proven guilty. "

Two... Thank you, we had no idea.

"It is important to let the system of justice work, to allow all sides the opportunity to present facts, and to remember that none of the persons indicted are guilty. "

Three... What happened to "presumed" and "proven"? I thought a court decides guilt or innocence?

"It is my hope we avoid talking about these charges without first gathering the facts."

Four... And keep quiet, you out there on the plantation. Hope on.

"This is a difficult time for our community,"

Why? I wasn't bribing him, seems like an honest Senator would be an
improvement. But that's just me.

"our state,"

Because a foul betrayer of our trust has been caught? How does that make
things difficult?

"and for those charged."


"It is my hope that we allow the legal process to find the truth, and that the truth is learned regarding these indictments. "

Five... Because if I keep assuming a distinction between the
indictments and facts / truth, maybe that will stick.

"Until we know more, I would encourage everyone to remember that the charges must be proven in court, and until proven, all charged remain innocent."

Six. Seems like a lot of repetition of presumed innocent until proven guilty, but Democratic leaders seem to believe that their adherents are particularly stupid and ignorant.

"Once I have an opportunity to learn more, I will issue further statements on behalf of the Hamilton County Democratic Party."

Even though I will learn it from the television just like everybody
else. The evidence will be too complicated for you to understand,
but I will explain it for you. Await the next coming of Zardoz.

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