Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who needs to be literate?

Dealt with a defendant today, seventeen years old, eleventh grade in school. He couldn't fill out a simple form, defeated by the first question, "YOUR NAME:_____".

His mother confirmed his inability, which she shares. He's not "special" * , he just didn't learn. Nor are these people from an "urban" ** environment. Neither seemed concerned, which got me thinking. Who could bear to be unable to read? What sort of person would willingly go through life illiterate? I'd DEMAND to learn, and I'd find a way to get the ability.

This isn't unusual-


But then I thought some more. Why do they need to read? They eat, watch television, drink, fight, and breed. Their needs are met by social workers, police officers, court appointed lawyers, subsidised housing, and taxpayer paid health care providers. If they have a problem they can't manage themselves, a degreed person in the employ of the state will sort it out, even to reading them the forms.

Even the most basic of educational skills is entirely superfluous. What a world we have built.

Translation for those who speak only English and not American leftist euphemism-

* Special- an idiot.

** Urban- negro, syn. inner-city.

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