Friday, May 27, 2005

God disapproves of catching criminals!

Or at least our Lt. Governor thinks so. Though to be fair, he has often opposed bills protecting Tennesseeans from non Senatewhore criminals, too.

" In a rambling Senate speech and prayer, Lt. Gov. John Wilder said it was "wrong" for undercover agents to bait lawmakers with money. "

"I'm hurt because John is where he is, and Roscoe is where he is and Kathryn is where she is," Wilder said. "It's rough. We're family. Three members of our family are in hell. Why? Because they're legislators."

"I hurt because we have some members that are in serious trouble."

"Money out there was here offered as bait to get someone in jail," he said. "It's wrong. It's not your (God's) way."

The article goes on to say,

"Several lawmakers have criticized authorities for allowing phony bills to be put before lawmakers as part of the sting. Others said undercover agents went too far by offering money as "bait" to trap the indicted lawmakers. "

Via the Commercial Appeal, you have to register-,1426,MCA_437_3811633,00.html

There is just no end to the cynicism and hypocrisy, is there?

How DARE they use MONEY to catch CRIMINALS! How DARE the F. B. I. pollute the sacred halls of our capitol with FALSE BILLS!

What do you expect a Senatewhore to do when you offer money- refuse to take it?

News for you, Lt. Governwhore- there's not an F. B. I. agent in the world who can introduce a bill in the Tennessee legislature. If it's a fraudulent bill, a LEGISLATOR introduced it.

The corrupt aren't OUR family, they are CRIMINALS.

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