Thursday, October 18, 2007


FMD restrictions are lifted!

Hunting holiday is BACK ON.

It looked as though I would have had to go to France for the whole time.

Whooooooooo WOOP!


Barbara Charles said...

Happy days are here again! Have fun.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Miss C has done this in Maryland when she was a young girl. Miss C got fox bits.

Anonymous said...

oh goody, now you can trounce around the English countryside and bring back FMD. bravo.

At least try to walk through some disinfectant before trotting back out to your stateside hunting county.

staghounds said...

The restrictions are lifted, that means there's no active foot & mouth!

American farmers vaccinate for it anyway. And in my hunt, the cattle are not cramped up - they range freely.

DEFRA panics about foot & mouth. I was there last time, when animals were slaughtered by the crore. For no reason.