Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This SHOULD be Columbine 's most famous student...

But he won't be. No one will write books or make movies about him. No talking heads on the stupidity machine will yammer on and on about his childhood, his difficulties, his motivations. No one will "try to understand" him.

He didn't murder anybody.

"Luke came home, sat in the dark with his mom and cried, saying that he was done going to memorial services and talking about the shooting..."


Anonymous said...

how are the "talking heads on the stupidity machine" different from the typing hands of the internet?
some people allow information to come "in" audibly,and some stare into a computer all day. the stuff on the internet isn't any more true than the tv. it's just more. what diff does it make where it comes from?

p.s. it's a good story and it came from the MSM!

Anonymous said...

The point was to contrast the time devoted by the MSM to the lives and motivations of the Columbine murderers with the limited time spent on so many decent and inspiring people like this sailor.