Friday, October 12, 2007

Magnet school madness...

Please help me understand here. I read this article, and the "Magnet School campers" were mildly amusing. Good to want a child to learn, and all that.

But then I got to the antepenultimate paragraph, and had a question. I thought "magnet schools" were supposed to be success greenhouses?

And then a bigger question. I thought this was AMERICA, and we had done away with public priviledge based upon inheritance. I mean, the NEA is always talking about how great public education is.

So why on earth are highly competed for places at this special first rate school reserved for

siblings of current magnet students, children of teachers and students who are held back?!?!????


Miss Carnivorous said...

Mysogynist, a bugger who hates every other fucking bugger! That's me, especially when I read stories like this one.

Anonymous said...

Yes. No one terribly attractive. Even the frat boy who won't tell the soccer moms to buzz off is a wuss.