Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Album Cover Meme...

Via Tam, here are the rules. It's creepy AND fun.

Savannah River's latest effort, justrattleyourjewelry, will please fans of their unique Christian oriented Metal/Blues fusion sound. The South Carolina septet is deep in the groove on "Vigorous writing," which showcases members Dave Howard (vocals/harmonica), Ephraim Lowell (drums) and bassist Dima Gorodetsky. The 14 songs here include covers of Link Davis' "Thin love ain't love," the Doc Pomus numbers "It's your move" and "See if they are blind," but the band's rendition of Jessie Mae Robinson's "If your work is all you are" is particularly noteworthy for Chris Vachon's sublime guitar solo. Among the original tunes, Rich Lataille's instrumental title track is a sweet solo playground for sax, trumpet and bass, and Vachon's "Know how to ask" has a sneaky funk feel that adds some spice to the disc. —Philip Van Vleck

(The review body is from some record review site, all the song titles are from the same random quotes page. It's creepy.)

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