Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whingeing Crybaby Axe Grinding BBC...

Anger over girls' strip searches...

First, ignorant and lazy BBC, it's the United States. The hospital's name has no apostrophe, we did away with monarchs.

Second, it's not in Harlem, it's in QUEENS. Not even on the same island as Harlem. It took me 30 seconds to find that out, but then I'm not a trained journaliste. If ONLY there were some easily searchable data base accessible to reporters at the BBC. Maybe one day...

So I call Gell-Mann effect on the whole article to start with.

Here is a random visitor to our country who gets pneumonia. In the land of the HEALTH CARE CRISIS, with NO MEDICAL INSURANCE, she is taken in and treated. She'll never pay the bill, our taxpayers will pick that up.

She has two minor daughters. Oddly enough the hospital won't take responsibility for them, and has the AUDACITY to contact the agency that is set up to do exactly that. Or would you prefer this headline?


Two British girls were left on their own for 30 hours and had to sleep in chairs at a hospital in Harlem after their mother became ill during a holiday in the US.

Gemma Bray, 15, and her 13-year-old sister Katie also were given no food, and no one offered to find them housing.

Their mother Yvonne Bray of Appledore, Devon, says their human rights were infringed by the authorities.

(And, seriously, how much is the hospital bill she won't ever pay?)


A much more reasonable and detailed article from the Daily Mail. I take it back, Mrs. Bray.

Thanks to PC Bloggs for this tale of HORROR!!!!

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