Thursday, January 03, 2008

County Government can't get a DATE...

Update at the bottom...

I know I can't. But you'd think that when a COUNTY GOVERNMENT, at tremendous expense, prints a calendar to tout its accomplishments, SOMEONE would actually check that JUNE had the full thirty days.

My predictions- we never find out how much is spent on the calendars, no one is discharged, and thousands of dollars are spent on a reprint.

Because no one else gives away calendars in January. It's not as though people could get them anywhere else, so it's a critical government function to print and distribute calendars. At public expense.

I'm sure the printer was chosen at random, or the
bid was let. Certainly he's not a campaign contributor!

-UPDATE- Neither the electric nor dead tree newspapers covered this destruction of tax funds. The calendars were RECALLED, I wonder how much THAT cost. Not as though they could just be thrown away...

Yes, this is is the official Hamilton County, Tennessee calendar with the June mistake.

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