Friday, January 04, 2008

Sen. Clinton thinks we are idiots...

Spinning her Iowa beatdown, her press secretary says,

"We went from being very, very, very far behind when she started this race... "

I hate to lapse into the vernacular of the internets, but W T F ?????

Not that I'm not laughing at the head-handing she got. Even BHO would be less dangerous than the living cyclone of ambition. But really, she's been a national figure for what, fifteen years? And THE focus of presidential speculation for four. And this is a caucus that is chock full of party workers from the groups- teachers, unions- that she owns.

She was always the front runner, she's been running for two years in Iowa. And now she's the underdog? Sheesh.

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Barbara said...

The holes you poked in his statement are correct, of coure. However, since when should anyone take a pres agents comments seriously?