Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dusty Horwitt , embarrassment for EWG...

Dusty Horwitt is about to start on his 15 minutes, I hope.

He's a lawyer who works for EWG, a lefty lobby group whose goal is to get tax money spent on its customers and contributors. At least they say it directly- "advocates on Capitol Hill for health-protective and subsidy-shifting policies".

In his recent Washington Post piece, he suggests using the power of the state to limit and filter the flow of communication between citizens, using energy taxation as the means. So the Newspapers and Networks can get their versions of what we need to know unimpeded by all those millions of blogs that nobody reads anyway. Seriously, that's what he says.

He asserts that there are only twenty news/politics blogs that reach 100,000 people monthly. That's just a lie, I can NAME more than that myself.

He says plenty of other things, too- suggesting that in this day and age, no one would notice the Selma riots, and that political change can't come from the web. Tell the Swift Boat veterans, or LGF, who broke the Dan Rather / CBS news forgery fraud, with clear, incontrovertible proof.

Comments were closed on the article after 61, uniformly unfavourable. TMI. (Now reopened.)

His company's mission statement?

The mission of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.

His Law School, Georgetown, ought to be ashamed. Or maybe he skipped First Amendment day.

But here's what's funny.

He has other jobs!

He’s a professional Bill Clinton imitator, AND he writes and sings funny songs!

And he has information-cluttering, Gaia-Raping WEB SITES for BOTH:

Not one, but two!

So classic. Information, even trivial information like mp3s of his Clinton imitations, for me but not for thee.

If I were EWG I’d fire this embarrassment, PDQ.

I hope they do.

Any one who advocates that government stifle free communication is an enemy of the human race, and penury is much too mild a fate for him.

And here's something he wrote that I rather like. Found it on the internet, too. TMI!

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