Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'd not put Isaac Hayes under "coon" on my web page...

Even now, never mind back when he was alive. Because insulting words are common and stupid.

But then, from some candidates "coon" isn't a racial slur, is it? Here's another:

The candidate shown was defeated in his run for the U. S. Senate in a state north of here. But wouldn't these have destroyed his effort if they had been made public? And yes, it is a picture of his genuine Flickr page, I took photos in case it is altered.

It depends, doesn't it? The "coon supper" is an annual political event in Tennessee. You'd think State House Speaker Nafieh, who gives it, would have had the good taste, or been hounded, to change the name.

But no, it's all in good fun and he keeps getting reelected. He has a big old D beside his name.

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