Friday, August 22, 2008

A mechanical mule!

This is just amazing! And it has plenty of jump, too.

Someone said back in the thirties that the Army wouldn't accept tanks until they could be made to eat hay at one end and crap out of the other. It's a good thing these weren't around back then.

And this is making me cry. Miracles and wonders, in a few years there will probably be one that fits under clothing.

Hat tip to The Rep.

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sng said...

That robot sounds like a hive of angry bees... I am sure anyone riding a mule or a horse in the near vicinity would not be too to see that lumbering down the trail; that is if they could stop their equine long enough to see it. Can you imagine a 100 of those things being used in an army convoy!? So much for stealth :-) Though it might scare any hooligan away...that many bees or locusts coming your way...