Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Nuns !

I thought "Miss Land Mine" was a good idea.

A beauty pageant for actual genuine nuns? Again, words fail.

But the article expands the pageant horizon-

"There is no equivalent contest in Italy for priests. However, for the past four years a calendar featuring handsome young priests and seminarians posing against Rome landmarks has been a bestseller at newspaper kiosks.

Shaping up

— Inmates of a women’s prison in Siberia enter an annual Miss Spring contest, to demonstrate good behaviour and win early parole

— The Mazayin Dhafra festival in Abu Dhabi this year staged a beauty pageant for camels, in a government-sponsored move to remind Emiratis of their heritage

— The Miss Mama Kilo contest in Cameroon is reserved for women weighing 90kg (198lb) or more."


Jeffrey Ellis said...

Wonder if they will have a pageant for altar boys?

staghounds said...

I believe they have been doing that for a long time, but the judging is individual and sequential.

Off in the back of the church.