Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brilliant Publishing Idea!

“What does it tell you when a book with a jacket price of $7.00 goes out of print and then begins to sell for five times the jacket price on Amazon Used & New Books?”

If you are the author (and my girl crush Lynne Scanlon, WWOP and bearder of the mighty Mamet in his very den), you fire your publisher and launch a new business!

We all know of out of print books that bring more on Amazon used than new books do. This is a really brilliant idea!

I've seen this phenomenon repeatedly in history and technical books. "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" and "A Rifleman Went To War" were pulling three figures used when finally reprinted, and "The War The Infantry Knew" was topping a thousand pounds.

Once again, an obvious opportunity once someone clever points it out!

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