Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mining My Referrals...

I recently discovered that it's possible to use the site visit counter to find what searches have led my many reader to these pages. I can only look at the last hundred, so I figure six months is a pretty good picture.

Anyway, what is of interest? Let's see.

my-hirsi means something in Finnish.

I'm not just #1 in Google for crotchless Bibles, but for my light in my head.

Only fourth for naked lifeguards, though.

And I forget where I stand in searches for amish in iowa pay english to have sex with girls.

There are several for English language law, gay police, and such.

I expect that whoever put in "common sense gun law CHICAGO OR ILLINOIS" had a bit of a surprise with my mass killing rewrite on the NIU shooting.

And of course Jenna Jameson is a popular young lady. I had no idea of the depth of interest. But three people came to me from a Google search for her name. I'm on page NINE HUNDRED AND SOMETHING. So they had to page past over more than nine thousand other hits to get to mine! And still they clicked. I feel honoured.

1 comment:

Miss Carnivorous said...

I get the most hits off of "Big penis pics" most times it is K-12 employees doing it.