Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Last Saturday's pretty day's hunt...

So on our penultimate Saturday, the weather was gorgeous. So as all hunting folk know, it was about to be a dull day, just a trail ride. Of course our field is full of riding people, so they were thrilled. And it is better to be out on a pretty day than not out at all, next paws?

So off we went. 60 or so in the field. As we moved off, I saw our senior Master's groom (my successor, after all, with many others intervening) sitting by the truck. She looked a bit bored with polishing brass, I asked her to ride along.

So, off we went. Nothing for an hour or so, then BANG- they hit and off we went!

Two giant loops, all the way to the freeway on the second one, before we lost him. And only six subscribers left at the end!

Interesting modern thing- one of our visitors had a GPS thing. He set it to measure the distance, eleven miles on the first smaller loop, at which point he was thrown out! I would never have estimated it as so far.

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Martyn Kinsella-Jones said...

Almost makes me homesick for England.