Sunday, April 06, 2008

Competing with REAL JOURNALISTS(tm) is DANGEROUS!!! Stop now!!!!

I haven't seen so many warnings and negative terms per sentence since the NYT last wrote about trans fat laced cigarettes and Bibles being included with assault weapons sold to children by Karl Rove.
Blogging is: vicious, exhausting, a sweatshop, stressful, toil, fattening, fattening again, unsustainable, has a downside, traps you in your house, 24 hours, vicious again, doesn't pay well, has no breaks, like being a salesman, keeps you awake (third time for that one, or fourth), keeps you from eating, makes you pass out, exhausting some more, orture, like being punched in the face, pressured, not journalism (Whew! The suspense was killing me, I was afraid they had left that out!),unhealthy, kills your vital friends, and it will kill you! Stop competing with us right now!

That's a lot of warning in a two page story, and I've left some of it out.

Priceless sentence- "It is unclear how many people blog for pay, but there are surely several thousand and maybe even tens of thousands."

Shame I'm not a Real Journalist (tm)- it took me 58 seconds to find out that Google Adsense, all by itself, had over a quarter of a million blogs in 2005!

Dinocrat has a different take on the article. He's probably in Silver Hill by now, with his one or two posts a day.

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Miss Carnivorous said...

Well, it is fattening. Of that there is no doubt. Devil Dawg goes into the sad dog slink when I pull out the old laptop. He brings me his ball and throws it on the keyboard. "Wouldn't you rather play ball?" he says with his eyes. He thinks computers are boring and stupid.