Friday, June 27, 2008

Now everybody will have a gun!!!

The Mayor of a city where honest people are disarmed by law said yesterday in response to Heller-

“Does this lead to everyone having a gun in our society?”

Yes, it does.

Just like the First Amendment has lead to everyone having a newspaper subscription, a church membership, and a protest sign.

Or, if you read the Supreme Court 1A cases, p*rn, a burning flag, snakes to handle, and a brown shirt they wore in Skokie.

These people are JPFN**.

We've heard it before.

You see, Mr. Mayor, in America, there are, shockingly, things that are neither prohibited nor mandatory.

We've heard it before though. I'm sure your Great Grandfather said "Now the niggers will be living next door to me!"

** "Just Plain F*cking Nuts". A term a psychiatrist I know often uses. From page 317 of the DSM-IV, I think.

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Miss Carnivorous said...

Lefties is all confused and shit. They claims to be scared of George Bush and Co.. You'd think they'd want to arm theirselves in case ole Bushie and his jackbooted minions should appear at their doors, prepatory to herding them off to camps and execution. But noooo... The truth is they are scared of "the people". Black people especially. The Blacks in DC are scared of the Blacks too that's why they are all bitching about the ruling.