Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thank God Britain Has Strict Gun Control Laws...

No one could make this up, I'm sorry she suffered, and I hate murder. But better her than someone who didn't do her damnedest to put people at the mercy of the meanest and strongest. Talk about reaping what one sows.

I wonder if her last thoughts were "I'm so glad I don't have a gun!"?

I particularly like the use of the term "unrelated" used to refer to the attack on the railroad employee. If the same person did both things, they are pretty related!


Miss Carnivorous said...

It's a toss up whether I'd prefer to be stabbed or shot to death. Hmmm.. let me think, I'd prefer not to be murdered by any method. Like most Americans I'd prefer to die from nothing serious.

Barbara Charles said...

Your inane attempt at wit misses the points entirely and they are twofold.