Monday, June 09, 2008

Thank God Japan has strict gun control laws...

I don't have the energy to rewrite this one. Japan in fact DOES have strict laws against knives, guns, swords, and murder. Predictably, there are calls for increasing gun and knife controls now. Listening for the outcry around the world about Japan's "Elf Culture", but all I hear are crickets.

According to the press they get ten or so of these rampages in a year's time. Zero beatings to death of stabbers as far as I know.

Seriously, he stabbed EIGHTEEN PEOPLE????? How does one stab eighteen people? I know, start with the slow ones. It's not as though he went to the place where the speediest children of Nippon hang out, but you'd think that by the time he was pulling his Rambo knife out of number eight or nine, even the pastiest basement dwelling gamer would have built up a commanding lead.

And how do you say "United 93, motherf*cker!" in Japanese? One knife beats one man every time, and usually two, but it's not much help against four or five, who can then do an Edward II on knifeboy.

No sons or daughters of the Samurai here, looks like just the ethos of the Iwo Jima losers was transmitted.

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