Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Great Liberal Speaks...

One of the icons of American lefty liberalism is John Kenneth Galbraith.

He's got it all- Red diaper baby, never held a job or met a payroll outside of government or academia, disciple of Keynes, worked for FDR and Saint Jack. No fortunate northeastern background, but his wife had enough for both of them.

I'd never heard his comment after the conquest of Goa. (Not one of the hugest military campaigns ever, it's true, and Galbraith's friends won.)

"The casualties were minimum. I am in favour of all wars being like the war between India and Portugal -- peaceful and quickly over!"

I wonder if the sixty-five dead Indians missed their next breaths. Or if their families considered their deaths "peaceful". And the crippled wounded, are their wheelchair or blind futures "minimum"?

This just gripes the #$%^& out of me, no matter who does it.

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