Monday, February 15, 2010

Showing A Cat...

Two good days hunting. Saturday, one funny thing was "the Sorority". I was out with the O. F. H. Saturday. It fell out that one of their field, away at University, brought two of her friends home for a week end visit. Neither had hunted before.

All three of these pretty twenty year olds were planning to ride in the truck of another OFH hunter, also a twenty year old student at a different University and a man.

So we are getting ready to go, and A., who will be in the (6 seater) truck I am going in, says to him, "Would you all like to ride with us?"

The second most foolish question I have ever heard in the hunting field. He (and I, and everyone else) looked at her like she had suddenly been transformed into a giant hen, or something.

We all are crazy, but I did not think anyone was that crazy.

Anyway, we had a good day. Hounds ran and ran, horses galloped, there was swearing and flyung mud, and hounds caught a coyote.

Small world, one of the visitors was one degree of separation away from me through a non hunting connection!

After it was all over, I asked her if they were coming back tomorrow, and she said "YES!" with a fierce smile.

The local one, who of course hunts all the time, said "No, we have to go back to school."

"No we don't."

I was careful to explain that it took me longer to get there to hunt than it would take her from her dorm, and I managed it every week.

Show a cat the way to the dairy...

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