Friday, February 19, 2010

The Senior Person In My Life...

I've been waiting to stumble on something not pleasant about my dam's death, other than practical things, and I found one.

In court, actually- at a hearing on a State child. This boy, born in public housing, had truly horrid parents and was protected from them by state custody when he was very small, like four.

He'd bounced around as they do- orphanages, group homes, foster placements, a little delinquency. Every change had to be court approved, by this same judge. Also, as with every child it commits, the court had reviews every six months or so to see how he was doing.

He had just turned eighteen, and this was his last review. The judge told him he was no longer in state custody as of his birthday next week, chatted with him about his prospects, and wished him luck.

As he got up to leave, he started to cry. Really cry, those hitching sobs of bereavement. The judge asked him what was wrong- his life was just beginning, he never had to come back to account for anything. He was free now. For the first time , he owned himself. What was wrong?

"But judge- now there won't be anybody who's known me all my life."

Mi casa su casa, Demetrius.

It's strange that I can remember when I first met everyone who is still in my own life. I'm senior to everyone I know.

(Not the child's real name of course.)

Something funny tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

D**N, I never, ever, ever would have thought of that, and I can see how much that would suck.

Did the judge tell "Demetrius" that he/she could come visit anytime?

staghounds said...

You could tell (later, not then) it rather shook her up too- something that she hadn't thought of either.

But she right away told him that she hoped he WOULD come back and tell her when he got a job, started a family, all those good growing up milestones, and when he wanted to talk about problems, too.

Really did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Second time you have posted this sad story.