Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hope Round, Dana Sylvester, and I...

Hope Round, Dana Sylvester, and I are quite the strange alliance. But we all made the

papers! Fortunately for the news organisations' stockholders and readers, their action was the visual one and mine verbal.

Just in case one of them self googles and wants to see what I did last night to embarrass the AKC, here it is.

Thank you, Amber Sutherland, Kate Sheehy, and the New York Post!


The One said...

I have a dog, not really a PETA person or passionate either way in what you did, but wouldn't you say you emberrassed yourself more than you did the AKC? I mean I don't know anything about the AKC or you, and when I read the story (someone who's not biased) they kinda made you out to seem like another overzealous nuts-o (as if there's a shortage of those out there) I mean congrats on getting your 15 minutes, but maybe you could've throw a cart-wheel in there or something before they escorted you out?

staghounds said...

My arm isn't that good, I was a thousand miles away from New York last night.