Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kill a cow business idea????

If the lobster tank just isn't doing it for you any more...

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  • My favourite line? "...the three cows he bought at auction are females."

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    An interesting young man from Memphis...

    Have a look at LeShaun Fosset.

    "My point is that you don't have to go to a rally in Washington, DC to realize simple and common sense: take care of your family, be a responsible citizen, don't allow crime to exist in your community, put God in you life, etc. These are core values. No one should have to tell you how to do that, nor should you get a standing ovation and a pat on the back if you are already doing it. "

    "Print this out and use it to kill vegetarians. If only there were something you could print out that would kill hippies…"

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  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Another casualty of truth...

    David Copperfield , bottom link on my blog roll, has been dooced.

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Vice President is delusional...

    Fortunately former V. P. Gore, who recently cried about the dumb citizens not wanting to take their orders from the experts any more. My favourite snippet-

    "...Dan Rather - who was, of course, forced out of his anchor job after angering the White House - ..."

    This ideologue can't even admit the most obvious truth if it does not help his cause. Here's the whole crazy thing-

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  • Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Horny Jihadis...

    I figured it out. Fighting terrorism is like fighting horniness.

    Millions of people have one goal. They don't have a command structure, or uniforms, or identification. They all have their own plans and schemes and specific details, but they share a generalgoal. Some are TOTALLY DEDICATED, some just want it a lot, some are just willing. Some are obvious, some invisible, some clumsy, some incredibly skilled. Their targets may or may not be aware that they are in play.

    And eventually, some of them will get through.

    Just in case I needed to prove it...


    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Our President is a DEMOCRAT...

    I've known it for a long time, but I've rationalised that he's not as bad as some of them. And he's not, but he's a Democrat even so. If you disagree, please corect me by naming anything he has done to ADVANCE a Republican policy. Not whinging about abortion or homosexual marriage or flag burning, but real things that matter and are within the constitutional responsibility of his office. Policies that Coolidge, McKinley, Washington, or even Cleveland- a Democrat- would have advocated. Here are some examples of how he has actively damaged those policies.

    National defense- he has embroiled us in a war with only the vaguest and most unlikely connection with the safety of this country. If Saddam had to go, fine, that took a month and could have been done in an hour with tomahawks. Now we are jammed up against the tar baby of "fostering democracy" among barbarians. And he can't even do that right, by imposing religious and woman's freedom on the Iraqi constitution.

    And not only does he refuse to defend our borders against ununiformed invaders, he coddles their masters and seeks ways to give the invaders votes!

    Sound money- HA. He may snooze when it comes to military safety, but he's breaking a sweat every day to destroy the currency. Not just in the stupid war, but with bailing out the airlines after September 11 and all this hurricane nonsense to cite two more huge examples. He has presided over the pissing away- there is no other term- of a minimum of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS on just these projects. On CREDIT, money that will be found in a printing press. Creating that money and inserting it into the economy will cut the value of our savings, and raise our prices, by half within five years.

    Limiting government- What a joke. Just to pick one, his "bold" soviet security "reform" plan was- keep taking our money, but let us decide (among government approved and guaranteed choices) where they would keep three percent of it. Talk about not swinging for the fences, this wuss won't even pick up the bat.

    Personal liberty- he hasn't screwed us so much there. Though he made it clear he would if congress renewed the "assault rifle" ban. And when the Swift Boat Veterans dared to speak, he told them to shut up.

    But still I rationalised. He wasn't as bad as the other Democratic prospects, and he will at least appoint good conservative judges. Well the last 6 weeks have blown that theory. Lyndon Jr. could have put P. J. O'Rourke and Ann Coulter on the Supreme court, but we have this. At the very best, two mysteries.

    His apologists say "trust him", fie. What has he done to earn that trust?

    I invite examples of Republican policies advanced by President Bush.

    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    Is our President a liar, or stupid, or are we?

    I refer to this Supreme Court nonsense. This seems to be what he wants us to think goes on...

    " I have to do a lot of stuff! The war, signing or vetoing bills, eating odd food at state dinners. Hmm, what else do I do, there's living in this big house, those secret service people ..."

    "Mr. President, Justice O'Connor just retired."

    "Oh, yeah, APPOINTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICES. I forgot all about that one! I need to get busy, does anyone know a good judge? "

    A few weeks pass...

    "Mr. President, Chief Justice Rhenquist just died."

    "Whoa! I have to do it AGAIN, who could have seen that coming? I need to start assembling possibilities. Wish I hadn't thrown away the list from last month. Guess we'll have to start over again from scratch. Because I'm SURE the prospects have really changed in THREE WEEKS."

    What nonsense. Every president knows EXACTLY whom he intends to appoint to the first, second, and probably fifteenth Supreme Court vacancy. Presidents DREAM about making those appointments like assembly line workers dream of winning the lottery.

    You, dear random reader, probably know whom you'd pick for the Supreme Court, too, or for the Academy Award for best picture. You DEFINITELY know whom you'd take away for a naughty week end given your choice. You KNOW you won't get to make those selections, but you still have a plan. So does everyone else with half a brain, it's essential human behaviour.

    This "short list" and "consultation" stuff is insulting. I wouldn't WANT a President who didn't know whom he'd appoint. And, not to belabour the point, even if that is the process, THEY JUST DID IT. Judge Roberts was first on the list, there was a number two, you know who it was, just say the name. Forsooth...