Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Average Gay Joe...

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  • Kudzu-Eating Goat Died Of Natural Causes...

  • "...two guard donkeys were being brought to the site today..."
  • THIS is an immigration procedure...

    More Swiss goodness.

    Lefties HATE democracy. When the dumb old people make the wrong choice, the answer is to take the people's authority away.

  • " “The Milovanovics have met all the legal requirements for citizenship: They have paid 1,000 francs for their application to be considered, they have been interviewed by the local council, they have passed German tests, and demonstrated their understanding of the Swiss way of life. But now they have to convince Emmen's 10,000 voters. "

  • Have to fisk this one, my cracks are italic.

    But all this is not enough: The local political parties in Emmen have been holding meetings so that voters can ask the applicants questions.

    The Milovanovics answer everything patiently, meekly, with great courtesy.

    As I would be happy to do, if I were asking to be given the priviledge of citizenship.

    But why submit to such a humiliating public examination?

    Um, because they want to be citizens and are happy to show themselves to their new neighbors?

    "Well, if it has to be, it has to be,'" she says. "We'll just put up with it." Where is the outrage?!?! Doesn't she understand that she is a VICTIM with a GRIEVANCE?!?!

    Locals' whims

    This is the lefty world view in two words. When it's a decision we agree with, it's the sovereign majesty of the people's will expressed through the sole legitimate test of democracy. When we disagree, they are "locals" with "whims".

    There is good reason for her stoicism; last year when Emmen voted on applications for nationality, 48 out of a total of 56 were rejected. Not a single person from the Balkans was accepted.

    Well, Ms. Foulkes, let them come live in your house.

    It is democracy gone sour, a way to express prejudice, and punish innocent people.

    No, it's democracy with a result you don't like. I don't suspect that you thought the British pistol ban was democracy gone sour or a way to punish innocent people.

    After watching the goings on in Emmen with increasing unease, I asked a Swiss friend whether it would not be better to take the whole nationality issue away from the local communities and make the decision anonymously at federal level. He too is repelled by the prejudices expressed in Emmen, but he looks at me in surprise.

    "That could never happen in Switzerland. The people always have the final say," he said.

    If only everyone reacted with surprise to the idea of surrendering his sovreiginty to a faceless, uncontrolled bureaucrat. THAT IS A FREE MAN SPEAKING, Ms. Foulkes.

    But because in theory it is democracy, no one, it seems, wants to challenge it.

    No, this is GENUINE PRACTICAL democracy. Where is the theory part?

    "People would vote the same way in your country if they could," said one Swiss friend.

    I am sure many would, but they do not have the right to, and quite frankly after watching the ordeal of the Milovanovics I think I prefer a more limited democracy.

    That is to say, not democracy.

    The irony of the whole miserable Emmen episode is that if the Milovanovic family's application for citizenship is rejected, they will still live permanently in Switzerland, doing the same jobs, going to the same schools and visiting the same shops.

    They seem just fine with that deal. I certainly would be.

    But they will be doing it all in the knowledge that for some reason their neighbours did not think they were good enough to be Swiss, and worthy enough to vote alongside them.

    An important supplement to the lefty creed. I live in the smallest pokiest house in the best neighbourhood in town. I have never been invited into most of those fine houses. I don't demand or care to be, and that doesn't bother me. They don't have to have a reason, as I don't have to justify whom I have visit me. But that won't do for the lefty. Look at the big house, look at the little house. RESENT.

    Swiss Bicycle ANTI TANK UNIT...

    I'm all Helvetophilic today. But there are some serious philosophical points in this article.

  • "We can be sitting in a room and if the call comes for action we can get to anything within 50 km before the tank boys have even got their vehicles ready,"

  • But year after year, as they wait for this action, the same thing happens, and it is beginning to sap the strength of even the hardiest of them - nobody invades Switzerland.

    If nobody invades you, you won.

    It is a pattern seen right across Swiss society, a dissatisfaction building up with neutrality and isolationism - both of which seemed wise in the past but do not meet the needs of modern life.

    Nobody complained about isolationism and neutrality in, say, 1942. Or 1917.

    But it also comes from soldiers who want to practise their craft keeping the peace in the world's hotspots, not sit around at home peering over the mountains in mock fear of the threat they know does not exist.

    1. Experts like to work, that's where the ego points are. KEEP THE GENERALS ON A SHORT LEAD. When your tool is a hammer...

    2. The threat exists. Just because the old bear died doesn't mean there will never be another bear. See lack of threat in 1872, 1919, 1945...

    The soldiers - part of a militia army designed purely to defend Swiss doorsteps - feel particularly excluded from global opportunities and challenges.

    Five centuries ago the Swiss were the terror of Europe. There's a reason those long ago warriors passed on the empire opportunity. If it works, don't fix it!

    Soon perhaps the Swiss will be in the UN and the EU and their bicycle troops will be reduced to ceremonial duties.

    I hope not, Brussels is fouling up enough places!

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    All penis restaurant...

    Aren't you glad you don't work at a place where you have to say to a reporter,

    "Women don't come here so often, and they shouldn't eat testicles"?

    The Torygraph is direct-

  • In China, you are what you eat.

  • Whereas Al-Beeb is informative.

  • "Snake. Very potent. They have two penises each."

    I did not know that.
  • Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Terrorism has no religion adverts...

    "To reveal the true and ample doctrines of Islam, and expose the contempt these terrorists hold for the spiritual essence of our religion. These terrorists and their ungodly way are the ones responsible for making Islam an easily marked target in the eyes of the world, as well as causing Muslims to be the subject of criticism before the world community."

    I don't know how to "embed", so click on the links to see the adverts.



  • Click here for the campaign web site. There are also links to the adverts in smaller form, if you can't play the larger ones I've linked.

  • Thanks to my littermate, living in a sandy place.