Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Now Good Senator From Massachusetts, KGB Shill...

I wonder if any of the raves will mention his desire to take the pressure off the Soviets in 1982. You know, because the Communists would always be there, we couldn't stand up to them and make them go away. It would be better if we, and they, could just spend less on arms and more on keeping our people quiet...

And President Reagan was going to start a war!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexpected Pleasure At A Fast Food Joint...

So Saturday I was lunching at Kristin Chenoweth's and my fast food choice. A few tables away there was a family sort of group, which included a couple of little girls, ten or twelve ish- I'm awful at guessing ages. All was quiet and peaceful, when there came a little buzz of excitement. I looked up just as a young woman came in, like twenty or twenty five- and SQUEEEE!

The little girls were all over her! Hugging, "WELCOME BACK!!! WE MIIIIISSED YOU!!!!"

I never saw such a welcome outside of returns from deployment- and plenty of them are less enthusiastic than this one was. Whatever their histories, these were some serious pals.

So they sat down and had a catch up conversation, which quickly settled to the best sort of talk between friends- easy, like they had just been apart for a couple of days. (I wasn't listening on purpose, they were close by.)

I don't know where the absent one had been, or what she was to the younger ones, but I really liked the little slice of human joy and connection they showed everyone nearby.

Thank you, random strangers, for a little reminder of one of the best things about being human!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No health care for me, thank you...

I don't want universal health care. I don't even want my health care.

I've probably been forced to spend forty thousand dollars on health insurance over my working life. An ordinary tea pot would hold every suture, bandage, and pill-including aspirin-, that I've ever used. All the medical care I've ever had wouldn't cost two thousand dollars. I have yet to reach my deductible amounts.

Your health care is as much your business as whom you choose to marry.

I must be nearly unique- I haven't heard this view expressed.