Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Site Meter shows me some Google weirdness...

1. Do try to follow along. I'm the #2 Google result for (without quotes) "poor people in America". But the first result is a completely different word string!

Try it yourself. And while you're at it, click on my post, maybe I can be #1 for something other than crotchless bibles. Which I'm not any more, and once upon a time I was the sole Google result for the phrase!

2. Lots of people looking to learn about shapely breasts.

3. As usual, several searches for "another word for rape". I suspect I'm being used as a thesaurus, perhaps a post on this is in order.

3. It's orgY, not orgIE, you illiterate perverts.

Cintra Wilson goes to Beretta...

The Critical Shopper goes to Beretta's in the City.

Have to add her and her contributors to the Roll of the Blog, too much good stuff all at once.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Black Snob...

"Hi. My name is Danielle Belton and I am an official, 100 %, born n' raised American black woman. I popped out of my Mama's womb black. I'm gonna die black. I'm the descendant of slaves and their masters. I say this to let you know that this is the authentic view of one solitary natural born Negro. (Not all, so don't get it twisted.) And this is my message to non-Negroes about a troublesome word so powerful that it makes pretty white girls cry.

So listen close to what I'm about to say..."

Cintra Wilson has a new contributor, Danielle Bolton. Here's her take on the awesome power of the n word. . Well worth a read, and it isn't on her own blog, The Black Snob.

Monday, July 28, 2008

You have to die from something,

"You have to die from something, and it may as well be from heroism.

Lord Anson lost 1672 out of 1854. And all of Scott's people perished.

Animus longa, vita brevis.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The deadly N wrd..

So, Rkns hs wthdrn th ftly ofnsv lcns plts. Lcky thrs stl tm t stp "spk" nd "spd". Bt wt abt th 999 crs wth "dky" n thm? O th ofndns!

I exp "ofy" wl nt b cmplnd abt, nd tht "heb" wsn't.

Nd mnwl, I hv t b ofnd b ths rcl slr vry tm I ps a frwy ext.


Cntra Wlson hs a nw cntrbtr, Dnil Bltn. Hr's hr tk n th awsm pwr f th n wrd. Wl wth a rd, t's nt n hr blg, Th Blk Snb.

Jamey Parkey, HERO...

I don't have to rewrite the Knoxville mass killing. Mr. Parkey and his fellow Unitarians proved the point of my mass killing rewrites.

When you resist, you can STOP THEM.

I did notice that the stupid fat old loser chose a Unitarian, officially anti gun, pacifist denomination.

NOT bitter Baptists.

And he's definitely gay. I mean, he went in with a shotgun and almost a hundred shells, and he got beat up by UNITARIANS.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Day Wife is COLD...

I had a telephone call from a woman who had her car stolen. It was recovered yesterday. Since she couldn't be reached, the police had it towed to an impound lot, as is the usual procedure.

There's a $150 charge for the owner to get the car back in these cases. (Seems wrong to me, but the City won't pay the private tow truck drivers and after all, it is the owner's car that's being protected, not mine.) The owner wanted to have the defendant pay the fee, but it's a little early in the process for that. Of course if he had $150 he'd be out on bail, he wouldn't waste it on restitution.

I explained all that, and she hung up.

A few minutes later I came back into the office and I heard my day wife on the telephone half way through the same explanation, obviously to the same upset citizen. As I had done, I told her that it seemed unfair to me, and that if convicted the thief would be ordered to pay the fee as restitution.

She then explained, as I had not, that an order and actual payment were two different things, and that more often than not restitution was never paid.

Then she was silent, as the owner spoke for a minute. And then my day wife said.

"Well, I guess that's why they call it victim."

I thought I was the cold one!

I remarked on it later, and she said, "I said with a smile!"

"It wasn't a web cam, she can't see through the wire."

"You know what I meant. If bad things didn't happen to victims, they wouldn't come to court."


Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Edwards and his Lady Friend...

So all my reader knows that I honestly trust the National Enquirer when it asserts facts, since I've never had a Gell-Mann Effect experience with it.

And everyone knows their reporter caught Sen. Edwards and his lady friend .

But what I love are the file pictures they used to illustrate the article. Her expression, and shirt, are perfect!

It's like she's looking at him, and saying

"I took HIM home? Damn, I ain't never drinkin' agin."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whoa! My U. S. Senator just called me!

No fooling, it's a telephone call town meeting! This is pretty amazing, a chance to question a Senator live!

I see him occasionally, but the telephone doesn't know that!

So far, people are asking for the government to reduce obesity, stop paying for ethanol, give my son five years to start paying back his medical school loan, use the magic Swiss fuel he thinks he heard about, things like that.

Hitler and Stalin's tanks for sale...

In case you're afraid of carry permit holders, here you go. I know the sale's over, but there are more coming.

But if you want a nice Spitfire, you'll have to wait until September. At least you can fly it home a lot faster than you can drive that T34.

Carry Permit Holders are More Powerful than Bulldozers...

Front end loaders, actually.

And shouldn't that be Digro-American?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I like waking up...

and getting all ready to go to work before I remember it's Saturday. It's like a surprise day off.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sometimes everyone is having a bad day...

"Trespassing" boys, jackass with a gun, drunk driver, and a nurse wasted on meth, beer, and marijuana.

"That's the first I've heard of that. Man, that really blows my mind right there."

Here's something cheerful then...

I have a weakness for personal, crazy, just because it makes me feel good art.

So go, Matt Harding!

And Stride Gum!

Thank you, rat of musk!

And YouTube sends me to another, and I'd never heard of Regina Spektor!

Monday, July 07, 2008

It's always Rwanda somewhere...

Saving these people would be so easy.

But they are poor dark people who don't have anything to sell us, and lack PR skills.

Hundreds of hours about Tim Russert, but not five minutes for Joshua Bakacheza. (Not for the squeamish.)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Quotes of the evening...

Here are some things I never thought I'd say or hear at a party...

"You can't sleep with pride forever".

"It's not bestiality if only animals are involved."

"How are libertarians ever going to attract politicians who can actually win elections? It's like a convent trying to attract cheerleaders, they don't have anything the target demographic wants."

And this entire exchange between Others and Staghounds, following another's use of the term "midget porn"-

O-Can they even have sex?

S. Of course, where do you think little midgets come from?

O. As opposed to big midgets.

S. I meant baby midgets.

O. And you're not supposed to call them midgets, either.

S. Oh yes, because otherwise they wouldn't know.


Hunt scum!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

You are really a dork if you are...

You are really a dork if you are having a fight on the internet about the hirings and firings of weather talking heads on the stupidity machine.

I'll bet that Messr.s Dandy, Lawson, Greer, and Weeks between them couldn't name all their State and Federal legislators.

Perverted Roommate...

I just finished another search warrant on some pervert who was taking secret pictures of his roommate through the wall when she washed and dressed.

Instead of putting this character on probation (which is silly), the court ought to order him to submit to some naked photographing. And then putting the pictures on the web.