Friday, January 11, 2013

Blue Skies with the OFH...

(A click on any picture will show you a larger version.) Out for a day with the OFH. Blue skies, we know what that means.
We went round to the old cemetery.  Draw, draw, draw and nothing.
A coyote stepped out, ran the road a bit, and popped back in.
Whipper-in right on the spot-
Hounds put on...
Field waiting patiently,
And off!
Across the road,
First flight right in it.
Hounds checked, and an around your hat cast.
This way?
No, that way. Again a check, and hounds cast themselves and back onto it. These hounds know their work.
Sticking to it now.

Heading toward the river.
Field still with us.
Running hot!

Now almost to the river!
He hit the river and turned east. We waited by a slough that would turn him back into the open country.
But no! Again he popped out into the road, didn't like what he saw, and back into the forest.

He was just in this field!
And about to cross this track.
Told you!
What are you looking at?
I'm out of here!
Skates on!
Across the river fields...
Love me some goofy hound pictures.
Then he doubled back and crossed the road, toward a swamp.
His last mistake.