Thursday, June 23, 2005

More Gay Police Monitoring- Terrifying

As usual, reading what the GPA has in mind is even more frightening. Positively 1938.


The links at the bottom are to the GPA's own PDFs about the monitoring plan. They reveal that the GPA believes that sexuality is in fact everyone's business and that there is something wrong with anyone, especially any gay person, who disagrees.

Here are some bits-

"It is intended that this will see the introduction of attributable or identifiable sexual orientation monitoring."

We can't tell who you are just by looking.

"Sexual orientation need be no more personal than ethnic identity, gender, or age."

Here's your pink triangle.

"Sexual orientation monitoring will enable gay staff to more easily demonstrate personal integrity."

If you don't like the triangle, maybe you plant evidence, too.

"The issue of one's sexual orientation SHOULD be no more "secret" than other forms of personal information already sought.

What do you mean, private? This isn't private, you should be proud to wear the triangle. What's your problem?


You are a homophobe if you oppose or won't wear the triangle.

If you are a British police officer, even your bedroom belongs to the government. If this isn't tyranny, what is?


  • Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    Police Sexual Orientation Monitoring Form

    Here's a draft-

    In order to better serve the public, Your Police Service has begun a program of Sexual Orientation Monitoring. Please note that completion of this form is voluntary. It is also anonymous, please do not place your name on this form. Interested co workers will not use your fingerprints, dna, or their ability to notice who drops the form in the box in our 24 hour CCTV monitored building to find out who the perverts are. Or put their names on the internet. Really. Promise.

    Please check all that apply:

    I have a: Vagina____ Penis and/or Testicles____ Both___

    Neither___ (Chief inspectors and above check here)
    I would like sexual contact with a: Vagina__ Penis __ Both ___

    I would be willing to accept contact from a: Vagina __ Penis __

    If it is attached to someone:

    Pretty Enough ___

    Young Enough ___

    Not That Young Though, I'm Not A Pervert ___

    Need Young And Pretty ____

    If Pretty Enough, Older Is Fine ___

    I Prefer Old And Ugly, Actually ___

    A More Senior Officer In Exchange For
    Career Advancement _____

    Rank Of Officer ____

    Amount Of Career Advancement____________________

    The Person Named Here __________________________

    Don't Care, As Long As It's Not ________________________

    Anybody, Please, Just Some Pathetic Simulation Of Love: ___

    Anyone Who Will Hire Me, This Form Is The Last Straw ____

    Britain registers sexual tastes of police officers....

    Yes, if you are a police employee, tell the boss who you like to fuck right away!

    "Over the last 18 months, The Gay Police Association has been working to introduce sexual orientation monitoring for all police officers and police staff. Monitoring refers to the collection of data about the sexual orientation of a member of staff. The process is similar to that already used to identify race, gender and disability within organisations. Monitoring is voluntary and will rely on self-classification."

    What does the form look like? Is it boxes, check all that apply? Or a blank to fill in?

    Can I just write down Miranda Otto?

    Someone who likes long walks on the beach?

    Does one time back in college with that girl from Psychology class count?

    What if I'm willing to switch for that hot Inspector down the hall?

    The possibilities are endless.

    And the monitoring aspect, does that mean they get to watch? Are pictures required? Testimonials?

    Voluntary, right.

    Really, why on earth is it the business of any government agency? Or anybody at all for that matter?

    (Except Miss Otto and the Inspector down the hall.)

    And why is a gay rights organisation pushing this? I know, because it's money, but think about it.

    If there IS prejudice, then wouldn't they want to DISCOURAGE the question of sexual orientation being asked? Shouldn't that be off limits?

    And if there is no prejudice, shouldn't it be a non issue?

    But if there's no prejudice AND you want some sort of special advancement, well...

    News for the gay police folks- registration precedes confiscation.

  • Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    My name is Sharareh Shirvani, and I'm not afraid of anyone.

    Heroes are all around us. Here's a braver woman than I'll ever be, risking her life to stand up to the mullahs in, of all places, Houston. The mullahs are not bogeymen, they are real and they do genuinely terrible things to actual people every day.

    "I know they're going to report me to the Iranian government, come and torture me, or, you know, if my family goes to Iran. But I don't care, because I'm protecting all the innocent people in Iran who are in need of democracy and freedom."

    Read the whole report at

    Will is pretty brave and energetic, too.

  • Monday, June 20, 2005

    A salute to a teacher...

    Every hero doesn't wear medals. Read this wonderful tribute at

    Here are some samples...

    “Mr. Cross’ discipline style was an art,” Elsa says. “Some teachers will accept a student sleeping in the back of the class. The fact that he would throw a Kleenex box—it was a sign of respect. You might not have had the respect and self-discipline to allow yourself to be taught, but Mr. Cross demanded that you respect yourself.”

    “That Kleenex box represented what he saw in you,” she says. “Literally and metaphorically, it woke you up. "

    “People wanted to bring me down, but he saw in me what others wanted to tear out of me, and he validated it.”

    Wish I could have reactions like this, but I seldom know the people I've helped.

    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    A murder juror raps...

    This week wound up a trial for a man who killed a fine young police officer, Julie Jacks.

    It appears that one of the jurors felt compelled to write a letter to the local e-paper,

    Here it is...

    "Determining Innocence Or Guilt: There's A 50/50 Chance Of Being Wrong

    (While reviewing tapes and pictures of dead bodies, holding back tears for the victim, trying to be strong)

    To think that this man's destiny lies in our hands

    Trying to get a perspective of both sides, looking at evidence from a stance.

    Will our decision bring justice for the victim, for she's no longer here?

    Will we make the right decision, this is what I fear.

    Trying to stay awake.

    How much longer will this take?

    Is this man really insane?

    I can feel both parties' pain.

    Listening to witnesses as they're brought in back

    Trying to determine if what they're saying is fiction or fact

    We're all in this together. We've become each other's family

    Conversing, going out to dinner, enjoying each other's company.

    Question remains in the back of my mind. . . When will this come to an end?

    But overall happy to know that I've obtained 15 new friends

    But we have no other choice but to stick this thing out

    And I'm confident in the end we'll make the right decision without a doubt."

    It's a good thing we have juries, right? So the collective wisdom of our finest citizens is used to decide the most important questions.


    A jury trial is like going into McDonald's and giving the first 12 people in line the authority to assign your house, job, and spouse.

    Original at

    Waterloo day reflections.

    It's once again Waterloo day. Like Normandy and Gettysburg one of those place named anniversaries that help us remember times when good stood up to evil.

    Good embodied in thousands of ordinary people who for one day risked and sometimes gave their futures for our tomorrows.

    Although it's been almost two centuries, it's not that long ago. There are still people alive today whose lives overlap the very oldest veterans of the war to defeat the Corsican tyrant.

    So as you go about your day spare a thought for those sweating, dead, or maimed for us in the wheat that day, and all the others who strove for 23 years against that despotism.

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    In the interest of Racial Social Cultural Balance...

    A people like us joke.

    A man and wife are dining at a restaurant. A gorgeous woman comes in, walks over to the man, gives him a big kiss and says "I can't wait to see you later tonight".

    She walks off.

    Wife asks, "WHO was THAT?"

    "That was my mistress."

    "I'm not putting up with that. I want a divorce."

    " That's fine. You know if we divorce, there will be no more ski house, no more beach house, no more new car every year, no more furs. But I understand, I'll call the lawyer in the morning and set it up."

    They continue with the meal. Because they are people like us A few minutes later their friend Tom walks in, with a beautiful woman on his arm.

    The wife asks her husband "Who is that with Tom?"

    "That's his mistress."

    The wife leans in and whispers,

    Click these blue letters for the punch line, plus a bonus illustration by the New York Times!

    The wife leans in and whispers,

    " Ours is prettier. "

    BONUS! Illustration of this joke, from the NEW YORK TIMES!

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    African Joke...

    3 young men graduate together from a famous university. One is a European, one a South Asian, and one an African.

    20 years pass. At their class reunion the 3 learn that each has become a government minister. They arrange for mutual visits.

    The first visit is to the European, Minister for Navigation. Instead of going to the capital, the friends meet at a coastal city. They pile into the European's Mercedes and he drives them to the harbour, where they gather on his boat. It's big- 50 feet, with a crew of 3. As they eat the filet mignon, the African says, "Government ministers don't get paid enough to afford a boat like this. How do you do it?"

    The European points back toward the harbour. "See that breakwater and those docks?"

    Then he points at himself, "Ten Per Cent."

    They next visit the South Asian, Minister for Air. They meet at the airport and are driven to the minister's house in 3 chauffered Mercedes. The 20 room house is in a beautiful neighborhood on a high hill with a view of the city. As they eat lobster, the African says, "Government ministers don't get paid enough to afford a place like this. How do you do it?"

    The South Asian points out the window. "See that airport where you landed?"

    Then he points at himself, "Fifty Per Cent."

    Finally the African is the host he's the, Minister for Transport. They meet at the airport where a helicopter is waiting. They pass over nothing but lush virgin jungle for a hundred miles to his estate. The forty room house sits atop a mountain, and there are scores of staff. As the friends snack on caviare, the European says, "Government ministers don't get paid enough to afford a place like this. How do you do it?"

    The African points off the verandah across the vast green canopy. "Do you see any highways?"

    Then he points at himself, "One Hundred Per Cent."

    More African Slaughter, Thanks to the G8 Giveaway...

    When relief and make work got started back in the 1930s my hard headed grandfather said, "You get what you pay for. Even if it's only a dollar a day, it will be enough for some people. And since they are wards of the state, all they will do is breed more like them."

    So true. And the west is paying for third world tyranny, war, famine, and democide. This latest 50+ billion is only the most recent reward for the Mugabes, Bokassas, and Samuel Does. As long as we keep writing them checks, they will keep using the cash to protect themselves.

    As usual, the left seem to think that black men are stupid, and will do what the master thinks is best for the master. NO, Mugabe and Nguema are not fools. They got where they are by being at least as shrewd as anyone on the planet, and a good deal more ruthless than most. They are what they are. It is insane to think that men who have climbed to the top over the corpses of their own compatriots will suddenly renounce their whole personalities because some white men asked them to.

    You say you want change, yet you pay for things as they are. That won't work with a child and it certainly won't with a kleptocrat.

    The ONLY THING that permits genuine quality of life advancement is economic liberty- the ability of individuals to keep the proceeds of their own labour. Economic liberty is something that a tyrant can never permit, because if Mr. Peasant gets to decide how he sells his crop, then Mr. Dictator doesn't.

    Only the most profound wilful ignoring of all history, all life experience, and the torment and death of millions can permit the belief that this will do anything but make things worse.

    We get what we pay for. Disease, torture, starvation, death. But it's all happening to dark people far away.

    Gordon Brown says that the next infusion of our money "must" go to medecine, schools, and infrastructure.

    That means new palaces for the ministers of health, education, and public works!

    I am grateful that there was no one to help out European and North American developement through charity. We'd still be living in wattle huts.

    Saturday, June 11, 2005

    Professional Anti Gun Rights People...

    Denise from the Ten Ring posted a list of anti gun types, but she left out the most dangerous- the PROFESSIONAL.

    - the person who makes, or hopes to make, a living from pushing anti gun agenda. You'll seldom hear of these consultants, pr experts, and trial lawyers. They are our most dangerous enemies, because they coordinate the others and make them effective. They can't be converted, because their agenda and their livelihood have merged. If they are big in their world- Sarah Brady or Josh Sugarmann- they have become well paid leaders and are in charge of spending large sums of money that depend on their zeal and fund raising skill. If they are foot soldiers, their professional advancement depends on the same things plus office politics- they have to outdo their competitors.

    Professionals might have come to their beliefs through one of their other routes, but their professional status makes them very different than your ordinary citizen from any other anti category.

    Thaank you, Denise.

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Tears of the White Man Kill Again...

    It looks as though Rhodesia / Zimbabwe is next on the democide list. Who could have predicted it?

    I mean, only paying the slightest attention to Mugabe's own words and actions would have given an inkling. Lefties always act so surprised when Lenin or Mao or Pol Pot do EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL, and exactly what their conduct shows they mean to do.

    (One reason why people like Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean and Pat Buchanan are so scary.)

    People suggest massive aid, peace keeping intervention, and other costly choices which might alleviate some suffering but ignore the problem.

    The problem is the TYRANT.

    The U. S., Britain, Denmark, Argentina, or any other advanced country could stop it today. Mugabe is easy to find and cruise missiles are cheap. George Soros, Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, or Bill Gates could probably make it happen.

    The west has been crying the tears of the white man so long that it is political suicide to violently intervene in Africa. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Hillary Clinton will remain silent while millions die, but stop it effectively and watch them go ape. Any intervention other than giving money is racist, imperialist, colonialist, eurocentric, or some other third rail term.

    They all do look alike to the left- Mugabe, Parks, Brawley, King. Because race really is everything to them and their ideology.

    It's strangely similar to the bien-pensants' obsession with the "root causes" of crime- poverty, lack of self esteem, etc.

    Just ANYTHING is better than holding an individual they sympathise with personally responsible for what he has chosen to do. That would mean respecting people, accepting that even poor black men make their own decisions and run their own lives. And there are no individuals, only groups and classes.

    Some members of groups are responsible of course- Trent Lott is still on the hook for every single word.

    Anyway, solving the problem is simple- kill Mugabe and make it clear that the next tyrant will get the same. His successor might need sending off too, but the third man would know the deal and make it work.

    But that won't happen. Because he's a black man killing black people in a place far away.

    Whether it's Harare or Harlem, nobody important really cares about that.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    Orright, read this...

    Ben Stein is so honest and directly eloquent.

    Some samples-

    "...we could live without the stock market, could get on without Hollywood or new cars, but could not last a week without our armed forces and the armed forces could not last a week without the military family. "To most," I said, "the war on terrorism is an abstraction. But there is blood all over this room."

    "Yet, they have something the rest of us rarely have: meaning. They know why God put them on earth, why they live and suffer. They never doubt their worth."

    Which is why I do what I do, to share that with the protectors. Thank you Mr. Stein.