Friday, December 22, 2006

Letter to TheFirstPost about prosecuting...

  • TheFirstPost seems to think we run the police department.

  • And a response, from some other hunting prosecutor! Who-woop!

  • And a response, from some other hunting prosecutor! Who-woop!

  • M(r, Miss, Mrs, Ms.). Bright is dead on, though there's quite as much whipping in as there is hunting with that pack. I suspect dramatic silliness on the stupidity machine has led British audiences to misunderstand our system. It looks very interesting to see some suit (usually well filled by someone who looks like Angie Harmon or Jill Hennessey) telling the detectives to dash out and do something, but there is much more to it.

    We are separate organisations with separate functions and chains of command. I can't make myself a witness, either, or I can't try the case.

    I'll give an example. Some years ago, there was a murder in my county. The murderer (a well known dangerous and violent criminal) told his
    roommate (a mousy, inoffensive character) what he had done, and the roommate
    called the police. In the course of searching the house, arresting the
    killer, and so forth, I was already envisioning the trial. I suggested to the
    officers, "What will the defendant try to present as a defense? He will say the
    roommate did it." Knowing the two people as we did, the theory was silly. But
    a jury wouldn't know them. So I suggested that every thing we did to confirm
    the defendant's guilt- gunshot residue tests, fingerprints, shoe dirt samples-
    we would hear about at trial, because the defense would say we "rushed to
    judgement" and should have done the tests for the roommate, too. So they saw
    the need to do everything on the roommate. The police officers weren't stupid,
    their focus was just different.

    Which is an important point, NO ONE wants to charge the innocent, so
    eliminating them is something we both want to do.

    The British system as it is is unfortunately our default system, too. In MOST U.S.
    jurisdictions, including mine, prosecutors have NO connection with a case until they see it in court. I am unusual in working with officers. Most prosecutors have full plates just going to court, and rolling out at two in the morning isn't something they can reasonably be expected to do. I'm considered a bit odd for doing it, fortunately I have no life.

    It's a shame, too. I believe that a good, enthusiastic prosecutor and good, enthusiastic police officers have better success in forcing the system to put criminals away. And just as in hunting, a good staff can improve indifferent hounds, and vice versa.

    But I do recommend TheFirstPost, it's great. (Servant Problems especially.)

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    England and France are too rich!

    I see by the Torygraph that the hard working tax payers of England are about to pay a bunch of money to a group of dope fiend criminals. These slugs are being paid because their prisons cut them off heroin too quickly!

    And then, as I was driving in France between Reims and Verdun, I came upon scores of concrete shapes- spheres, pyramids, cubes, triangles, etc.- artfully coloured and placed beside the freeway. I thought to myself, not one in a million people would trash up his own property this way, but someone in the French ministry of cul-chah is convinced that it’s the way we want to spend our tax euros.

    We are too rich. And too stupid, we could change it all.

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    A moving blog by a dead person...

    Really. Words of Grandma is diary entries from the poster's grandmother's diaries. Here's one from 1945-

  • "I hope Duane doesn't have to go - not that he's better than anyone else but . . . I love him."

  • How many people have said that over the years. The dead have monuments and holidays, the veterans (SHOULD) have respect in the free country they fought for, but remember the sacrifices of the ones left behind.

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Back to the U. S. A...

    Or as my littermate calls it, "God's own country".

    Glad to be back! Unfortunately CNN did not vanish during my absence, but it still provides TV-B-GONE with lots of fun as I stroll the halls.

    Airplane boarding is delayed because the airplane has a flat tire!!

    No, wait, it's a thumbtack! I'm off!

    Monday, December 11, 2006


  • They are SO FUN !!!!

  • A friend suggested that I try these out, so I did. The first time I couldn't get tickets, so the next week I arrived at 7:30 on Sunday morning. The next person in line (at a more sensible 9:30) was a fellow American from San Francisco. By the time the doors were opened, there was a long line. SF had spoken with a slide veteran who revealed that the fourth floor slide was the one to finish with, so our selected order of go was 5-3-4. Up to the 5th floor, feet in the bag, and WHOOSH! There is no way to describe it other than being sucked down the drain! Not some weak drain, but some sort of power assisted evacuation pump from a battleship or a skyscraper.

    The sensation is just delicious. It is sudden, instant, and intense. And over WAAAAY too quickly, before I knew it I was spewed out onto the landing ramp, slowing to a gentle stop. I had a HUGE SMILE and my whole being was shouting, I WANT SOME MORE OF THAT !!!

    So I barreled up to the third floor, a little line but only a couple of minutes. Whoosh! Not as long as 5, but similar.

    Dash to 4, a 5 minute wait. The attendant made his sliders put on elbow pads. Feet in the sack, push off...


    THAT's what I'm talking about! 4 is not just a cork screw, it has straightaways. So in addition to being sucked down the drain, there is this powerful side to side slamming sensation.

    The only way I can describe it is that I felt like a living physics experiment. No, I became physics, a living demonstation of Newtonian dynamics.

    PROFOUNDLY head clearing.

    I don't know who you are, gentle reader, but YOU WANT TO DO THIS.

    SF, who had to leave to catch a flight, was in the landing area and pressed an extra set of tickets on me. Turns out that the admitters had provided an extra set upon SF's request. So I used those, and waited for one more round. And I was still driving past Heathrow at 11.30.

    I spent about 10 minutes in the landing area watching the reactions. EVERYONE had a big smile, except for one child who had bumped his head.

    Sliding tips-


    5 and 4. Don't bother with the others.

    I saw all ages from 7-8 to late 60s.

    Wear clothes without big buttons or other protrusions, be "slick".

    Keep your head off the bottom of the slide and your elbows in.

    Try it with eyes closed, also eyes open. Just for variety.

    Spend a few minutes watching the landings.

    Final event, when I was leaving I was meeting an incoming group of twenty five year olds who looked like the sort who go to modern art galleries for the effeteness fix. Front and center of the group was a standard artsy pretty girl, with a Persian cast to her features. She had the standard "I am so above/bored/uninterestable" expression, her mouth a dead straight line and her face like a botox advert. Clearly she was out to impress the boys around her with her unimpressability.

    Having been on holiday for a month, I was at the no editing at all stage of behaviour. The slides had pasted a huge dazed idiot grin across my face, which stayed there as the group and I approached. I looked her full in the face, and we made eye contact. My smile got even bigger as I thought, and then said, "You won't look like that after you ride the slides- you'll look like THIS, too!" (Pointing to my face.)

    Her mouth twitched just the least little bit, and she looked down to avoid showing emotion. But she smiled later, I'll bet.

    And to the San Franciscan, thank you for the guidance, the tickets, and mostly for the improvement that sharing brought. Seeing you experience it and light up too made the day even better. I hope you made your flight.

    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Am I looking for or at trouble?

    The commenters to my last post, though they seem to have misunderstood the complex phrase "hope there areN'T any bombings", ask a fair question. So I thought about whether I am too insouciant about death. Even we crackpots wonder about larger issues on occasion.

    Every year we all have two anniversaries. We know our birthday, but we also pass the unknown date on which we’ll die.We live in a strange culture which tries to hide death, at least as a personal rather than an entertainment experience. I use that term carefully, because we produce and buy thousands of hours of moving picture slaughter in which the dead are explicitly not like the viewers. And aside from the death on the stupidity machine, most Americans see little death close up.

    I have had enough of my own “marked for death” experiences that I’m perhaps more aware than I should be that I’ll personally find out what is on the other side of the door. I think of death not as just something that happens to other people but as something that will happen to me.

    Fear and gloom about death are harmful. Worrying about anything is useless at best, and usually makes the event seem worse than it is. That’s been my experience so far, with few exceptions. And death is the most completely, utterly, entirely inevitable event of all, isn’t it? Sure, there is an element of whistling in the dark there, too. The dark is lonely, so why not whistle? I can't sing worth a hoot.

    On the specific level of the war, the jihadis want us afraid. Every packing of a suitcase requires thoughts about the holy 19, and that’s all the faithful are getting out of me. I know that living one day in anytown, USA is far more dangerous than flying. I’m at more risk from a cell phoner on the road or some pistol waving dope fiend than I am from all the minions of Allah. So why not have a laugh at the shaheed? If the best they can do to destroy western civilization is to blow up a Jordanian wedding and make some happy, decent people into corpses, widows, and orphans, they deserve mockery, not fear.

    And NO, I do NOT slow down to look at traffic accidents, and I have seen, smelled, and heard enough people burned alive to last me more than a life time. I feel for the mourners, and I do NOT take the tragedies of others as entertainment.

    So there are some thoughts, for what they are worth.

    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    On HOLIDAY...

    I'm off! I'll blog now and then. Let's hope there aren't any bombings where I am this year as there were last year. If there are, I'll get the feeling it's personal.

    Whooo- WOOP!

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Best voting or election comment ever...

    On the night of the election, a friend told me,

    "I don't vote, because I'm afraid I might make a difference."

    What he meant was that he found himself unwilling and or unable to educate himself to understand enough about the issues to make an informed decision.

    His attitude is WAAAAAY better than "I always vote for the (name of party)."

    It's a great line, anyway.

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Montage, c'est tout...

    Eisenstein said editing is everything, and I enjoy the genre of reedited movies. Check YouTube for words like "recut" or "reedited".

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    Election approach question...

    I've been getting a lot of election telephone calls, computer ones and live too. I saw on a lefty web site the other day a suggestion that when a call comes from a "Rethuglican", to not hang up but to spin out the call as long as possible, thus decreasing the enemy's contact time with voters.

    This sort of tactic is, to my mind, right up there with stealing yard signs. But my question is, how do others handle these election calls? I've already voted, so I just hang up.

    The German pastor is not the first...

    person to self immolate over the religion of peace.

  • "Dr. Darabi practiced for two years in Bahmanier, a village in northern Iran. In 1968 she passed the Education Council Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) examination and came to the United States to further her education in Pediatrics. She later specialized in Psychiatry and then in child-psychiatry and was licensed to practice medicine in the States of New Jersey, New York and California. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in mid 1970's...

    When a 16 year old girl was shot to death in Northern Tehran for wearing lipstick about a month prior to her death, Dr. Darabi could no longer handle the guilt she felt about her favorable involvement in the Iranian Revolution, and the way women were being treated in Iran, she finally decided to protest the oppression of women by setting herself on fire in a crowded square in northern Tehran, on February 21, 1994. Her last cry was
    Death to Tyranny
    Long Live Liberty
    Long Live Iran. "

  • I have never understood this sort of self destruction, and believe it is madness not self sacrifice. I suppose he despaired, but is not as though no one knows about the problem. Find another way to help.

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    The box of joy...

    I am remembering a time a couple of years back in England. I was at Greenwich, which is one of my very favorite places. It's so gorgeous and peaceful. Anyway, the old Royal Naval College, a fantastic beautiful work of art, is now
  • Trinity College of Music
  • . I was walking in the courtyard between two of the wings, each 3 stories tall. It was a warm autumn day, and all the windows were open. From each window came the sound of a beautifully played instrument or an amazing singing voice. Each different, each playing a different melody. Each student was practicing (as he or she thought) alone. But for their secret auditor, it was like being in a giant reverberating stone box of joy, roofed with a bluer than possible sky.

    The world can hold such unexpected brilliance.

    Pastor sets himself on fire as a warning...

    There's no other word but Christ, is there?

  • "In a farewell letter to his wife the vicar wrote that he was setting himself on fire to warn against the danger of the Islamization of Europe."

  • Of course, "Bishop Noack emphasized that the motive for the suicide complicates matters. He said he hopes that the affair and the question of how Christians should relate to Muslims will not lead to unrest."

    Because there isn't any unrest already. Oh no, pay no attention to those youths behind the banlieu, the great and powerful PC has spoken!

    A great new holiday...

    Top of the blog roll!

  • "There should be a day, every year-- a new holiday: Tell Them Day. A day when we all, together, gather Braveness in our hands and Run to those we love silently, and Sing."

    "Maybe there should be a day when we actually come out and tell someone we don't love them too. Maybe it could be the same day. I think that part would be even harder."
  • Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    If Kerry were a man, or an American,

    This is what he'd say:

    "There is no excuse or explanation for my comment. I am so ashamed of my insult to the millions, living and dead, who have served and saved our liberty as enlisted service members that I am today resigning from the senate and retiring from public life. Any pension to which I am entitled will go to (name of charity serving enlisted service people). That is all I can do to demonstrate my shame. Thank you, and once again I apologise for what I said, and more for the fact that I thought it.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006


    No, seriously!

    (I despise that term, "moderate Moslems". What, they believe in Allah, but not too strongly? That's an insult. What is meant is "decent" or "law abiding" Moslems.)

    The dhimmi Manchester Police Department commanded its officers to avoid arresting ROP members during Ramadan as a matter of "sensitivity".

  • "Police shouldn't hesitate to arrest any Muslims they had planned to during Ramadan. We must all be equal under the law. If people think Muslims are immune from the law, it will only stir up tensions within the community."

  • That's not me, or some BNP "Racist", but Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation! PRAISE BE UPON HIM. When the fatwas come, he's welcome at my house.

    And more!

  • "Boxer Amir Khan is supporting a police campaign to keep the festival of Eid trouble-free in Greater Manchester."

  • Even more!

  • "Let not hatred of any people seduce you into being unjust. Be just, that is nearer to piety (al-Ma’idah 5:8). In this context we must state that the murder on September 17th of an innocent Catholic nun in Somalia—and any other similar acts of wanton individual violence—‘in reaction to’ your lecture at the University of Regensburg, is completely un-Islamic, and we totally condemn such acts."

  • Thans to PC Bloggs and the Dinocrat for the tips.

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    School shooting solution...

    Well, termination anyway.

    Of course, the usual suspects have the usual response to the providing of self defense information- doubleplusungoodthink!

  • "Five or six seventh-grade kids and a 95-pound art teacher can basically challenge, bring down and immobilize a 200-pound man with a gun."
  • Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Servant problems...

    I may have blogged this First Post series before, but these are some fine honest stories. I'd be intrigued and moved even if I were not a former servant.

  • I was once accused of the cold, coldness in the heart.

  • For three months all I hear was "You are stupid"...
  • Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Infidel harlot in France stoned for eating a sandwich...

    Sorry to steal the
  • infidelharlot
  • 's name, but really- this 14 year old girl was eating a sandwich in Lyon when some Moslems decided to enforce ramadan.

    Do you notice that these characters never go one on one with big strong men? The religion of bullies, too.

  • The original report is in French.

  • This is the Babelfish translation. (In France a College is what Americans would call a high school.)

    Attacked because she lunched during the Ramadan

    The incidents took place in the playground of the Jean-Mermoz college

    Four minors were put in examination Tuesday to have thrown stones with a girl who ate a sandwich in a college, in Lyon.

    Amélie GAUTIER - 10/10/2006 - 16h49

    The headmaster speaks about a "phenomenon of violence in a small college of ZEP", a source of the newspaper the Progress, which reveals information, speaks about teenager attacked "under pretext which it did not observe by the fast of the Ramadan". A pupil of third to the Jean-Mermoz college located in the eighth district of Lyon was slightly wounded Thursday after having received stones thrown by four old boys from 12 to 16 years, according to sources'. The latter reproached him for eating a sandwich during the Ramadan. The facts occurred in the morning in the course of recreation. The supervisors quickly intervened, the 14 year old teenager examined by a doctor was slightly wounded with the face and "very shocked". She did not have a ITT.

    "It is a school incident of life which occurs in a a little difficult district", the director of the establishment Philippe Vanzetti in station estimates since September in this small college located at 500 meters of the Large mosque of Lyon. Side of the vice-chancellorship, one refused Monday to evoke the non-observance of the religion as reason for the aggression of the teenager "It is necessary to take time to analyze the facts. However, being in in full period of Ramadan, one can put the question. " According to Progress's, "the thesis of an act related to the non-observance of the Ramadan is however confirmed by the court of Lyon on the faith of the first elements of the investigation". In addition, two minors recognized the facts.

    The following day of the aggression, the headmaster joined together all the college "to make a recall with the law". "Each teacher also took time at the beginning of his course to speak about violence at the school with the pupils", specifies Philippe Vanzetti in And to set up this week of the publicity campaigns at the compliance with the rules "It is necessary really that the pupils understand that violences must remain with the doors of the college", hammers the headmaster. The family of the teenager carried felt sorry for Friday. Six people were heard with the police station of the 8th district. Presented at the court Tuesday, four minors were put in examination.

    I am stolen from...

    I hired well reccommended roofers to repair my roof. I was clear and direct about how the work was to be done, the roofer boss repeated the job details to me.

    I came home unexpectedly, to find the job being short cut. I remonstrated, and the roofer boss was surly but ended up doing the job right.

    When I came home the next day to pay him and his crew off. I noticed that my recently filled 5 gallon gasoline can was not in its correct place on the porch. After I paid him, he drove away in his shiny new looking pickup truck. And when he had cleared the driveway, I saw the gasoline can sitting beside where the truck had been parked.

    Yes, only about a half gallon left. He'd obviouslt poured 4 1/2 gallons into his truck.

    Although the can says gasoline, I had just filled it with DIESEL FUEL.

    I love it when the crime choice process fails dramatically.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Veil nonsense...

    Can you explain the difference? Because I can't. Other than, "My invisible friend told me to".

    It is an offence here to go masked on the public streets. It should be everywhere, if you're hiding your face you're up to no good.

    And I'd be ashamed to belong to an organisation which required, or even permitted, such a filthy and disgusting practice.

    The Turks prohibited the veil 80 years ago, and most of them are still Moslems.

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Diversity nonsense increases racial anger...

    and more importantly, decreases everyone's liberty.

  • "While diversity policies are supposedly introduced in the name of protecting ordinary people they inevitably result in policing and managing them, making race relations worse. "
  • Me on a date...

    On the right...

    Christmas at Auschwitz...

    Or maybe "Last train to Dachau".

    Is it just me who thinks this Christmas plate is not as festive as it might be?

    Knoxville blogdezvous...

    Thanks to Rick's kindness, the "Rocky Top Brigade" held a blogdezvous in Knoxville. I snuck across the state line to attend. It was fun indeed- laughs, dog stories, politics, religion, husbands, wives, sweethearts, you name it. It has been a few years since I was in Knoxville's "old city", which is a gaggle of turn of the last century stores and warehouses whose owners are trying to make into an urban hot spot. All I can say is, if I were spending a half million dollars for a place to live, it wouldn't be a loft in an old warehouse in Knoxville, Tennessee. That's a Somerset house price!

    These were the bloggers who showed- Rep. Campfield and Tam had more important things to do.

    Shots Across The Bow
    No Silence Here
    Frank Murphy
    Swap Blog
    Domestic Psychology
    TN Girl
    jonathan hickman
    Tennessee's Progressive Report

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Average Gay Joe...

  • "How can I NOT blog roll such a great title?"
  • Kudzu-Eating Goat Died Of Natural Causes...

  • "...two guard donkeys were being brought to the site today..."
  • THIS is an immigration procedure...

    More Swiss goodness.

    Lefties HATE democracy. When the dumb old people make the wrong choice, the answer is to take the people's authority away.

  • " “The Milovanovics have met all the legal requirements for citizenship: They have paid 1,000 francs for their application to be considered, they have been interviewed by the local council, they have passed German tests, and demonstrated their understanding of the Swiss way of life. But now they have to convince Emmen's 10,000 voters. "

  • Have to fisk this one, my cracks are italic.

    But all this is not enough: The local political parties in Emmen have been holding meetings so that voters can ask the applicants questions.

    The Milovanovics answer everything patiently, meekly, with great courtesy.

    As I would be happy to do, if I were asking to be given the priviledge of citizenship.

    But why submit to such a humiliating public examination?

    Um, because they want to be citizens and are happy to show themselves to their new neighbors?

    "Well, if it has to be, it has to be,'" she says. "We'll just put up with it." Where is the outrage?!?! Doesn't she understand that she is a VICTIM with a GRIEVANCE?!?!

    Locals' whims

    This is the lefty world view in two words. When it's a decision we agree with, it's the sovereign majesty of the people's will expressed through the sole legitimate test of democracy. When we disagree, they are "locals" with "whims".

    There is good reason for her stoicism; last year when Emmen voted on applications for nationality, 48 out of a total of 56 were rejected. Not a single person from the Balkans was accepted.

    Well, Ms. Foulkes, let them come live in your house.

    It is democracy gone sour, a way to express prejudice, and punish innocent people.

    No, it's democracy with a result you don't like. I don't suspect that you thought the British pistol ban was democracy gone sour or a way to punish innocent people.

    After watching the goings on in Emmen with increasing unease, I asked a Swiss friend whether it would not be better to take the whole nationality issue away from the local communities and make the decision anonymously at federal level. He too is repelled by the prejudices expressed in Emmen, but he looks at me in surprise.

    "That could never happen in Switzerland. The people always have the final say," he said.

    If only everyone reacted with surprise to the idea of surrendering his sovreiginty to a faceless, uncontrolled bureaucrat. THAT IS A FREE MAN SPEAKING, Ms. Foulkes.

    But because in theory it is democracy, no one, it seems, wants to challenge it.

    No, this is GENUINE PRACTICAL democracy. Where is the theory part?

    "People would vote the same way in your country if they could," said one Swiss friend.

    I am sure many would, but they do not have the right to, and quite frankly after watching the ordeal of the Milovanovics I think I prefer a more limited democracy.

    That is to say, not democracy.

    The irony of the whole miserable Emmen episode is that if the Milovanovic family's application for citizenship is rejected, they will still live permanently in Switzerland, doing the same jobs, going to the same schools and visiting the same shops.

    They seem just fine with that deal. I certainly would be.

    But they will be doing it all in the knowledge that for some reason their neighbours did not think they were good enough to be Swiss, and worthy enough to vote alongside them.

    An important supplement to the lefty creed. I live in the smallest pokiest house in the best neighbourhood in town. I have never been invited into most of those fine houses. I don't demand or care to be, and that doesn't bother me. They don't have to have a reason, as I don't have to justify whom I have visit me. But that won't do for the lefty. Look at the big house, look at the little house. RESENT.

    Swiss Bicycle ANTI TANK UNIT...

    I'm all Helvetophilic today. But there are some serious philosophical points in this article.

  • "We can be sitting in a room and if the call comes for action we can get to anything within 50 km before the tank boys have even got their vehicles ready,"

  • But year after year, as they wait for this action, the same thing happens, and it is beginning to sap the strength of even the hardiest of them - nobody invades Switzerland.

    If nobody invades you, you won.

    It is a pattern seen right across Swiss society, a dissatisfaction building up with neutrality and isolationism - both of which seemed wise in the past but do not meet the needs of modern life.

    Nobody complained about isolationism and neutrality in, say, 1942. Or 1917.

    But it also comes from soldiers who want to practise their craft keeping the peace in the world's hotspots, not sit around at home peering over the mountains in mock fear of the threat they know does not exist.

    1. Experts like to work, that's where the ego points are. KEEP THE GENERALS ON A SHORT LEAD. When your tool is a hammer...

    2. The threat exists. Just because the old bear died doesn't mean there will never be another bear. See lack of threat in 1872, 1919, 1945...

    The soldiers - part of a militia army designed purely to defend Swiss doorsteps - feel particularly excluded from global opportunities and challenges.

    Five centuries ago the Swiss were the terror of Europe. There's a reason those long ago warriors passed on the empire opportunity. If it works, don't fix it!

    Soon perhaps the Swiss will be in the UN and the EU and their bicycle troops will be reduced to ceremonial duties.

    I hope not, Brussels is fouling up enough places!

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    All penis restaurant...

    Aren't you glad you don't work at a place where you have to say to a reporter,

    "Women don't come here so often, and they shouldn't eat testicles"?

    The Torygraph is direct-

  • In China, you are what you eat.

  • Whereas Al-Beeb is informative.

  • "Snake. Very potent. They have two penises each."

    I did not know that.
  • Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Terrorism has no religion adverts...

    "To reveal the true and ample doctrines of Islam, and expose the contempt these terrorists hold for the spiritual essence of our religion. These terrorists and their ungodly way are the ones responsible for making Islam an easily marked target in the eyes of the world, as well as causing Muslims to be the subject of criticism before the world community."

    I don't know how to "embed", so click on the links to see the adverts.



  • Click here for the campaign web site. There are also links to the adverts in smaller form, if you can't play the larger ones I've linked.

  • Thanks to my littermate, living in a sandy place.

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Since we aren't serious...

    I have been beating the drum about the risk of disturbing the Western bees too much
  • for some time

  • The problem is that there is currently no way to transmit general public anger to the missiles. They are controlled by politicians, who are the craven tools of media and their polls. Those media do not want us to respond effectively, and will treat anyone advocating effective response with blackout and then the harshest criticism.

    The only effective response other than genocide is direct attack on the persons of those who encourage and subsidise jihad. That means impoverishing and killing very powerful men who have no direct- in the sense of provable criminal liability- connection with the actual murderers. It means seizing assets, including the oil weapon, from countries who will mouth anti-terrorism platitudes. Mistakes will be made.

    And the very WORST thing it will require is that discretion be used without endless public debate, scrutiny, and second guessing. If we kill the wrong tyrant, our response should be "He should have been a better friend", not gallons of tears. Killing a counter insurgency means forcing open choice on others. Killing a religious war means killing the idea.

    (Hold up, I'm having a thought.)

    Really, it's not a world wide counter insurgency, it's a world wide religious civil war. The jihadis are quite as much citizens of our world as my Confederate ancestors were of the United States. Western liberty of thought is no more historically inevitable than abolition was. We and the jihadis share competing life templates is all. Theirs- narrow codes of personal behaviour, subjection of women, tightly limited expression, criminalisation of homosexuality- are pretty much the historic human state, and do not differ much from the European template of four centuries ago. Or four minutes ago if you ask Pat Robertson about buggers.

    My point is that since it IS a civil war, we really do have to STAMP OUT the very idea of "Islamism", which I define as using the power of the state to enforce, or recognise, the behaviour requirements of the Moslem faith. That means Ataturkism at home. No hijab on the street. No time off to pray or for Ramadan for government employees. Islam and its adherents get no more recognition than Catholics or Amish.

    And it means fighting our enemies abroad, and our enemies are EVERY ADVOCATE OF ISLAMISM. Every one of them. Every Emir, every Madrassa, every newspaper. Every riyal spent on encouraging murder. Every cell tower and lap top that calls for jihad. You might think it, but if you express it, we'll be after you like white on rice. And we have really big ears, and our aim might be poor.

    Which is the third point of the trident, we have to force people to decide which side they are on, and act on it. Only when the populations of Moslem countries are as upset about bombings as they are about bacon will we turn the corner.

    We have to be overt about it. We can't just be against airplanes blowing up. "Please don't kill us" is not an aim. And it's defeat, because it's really "please kill us after you reduce the rest of the earth, and us, to the point of submission that killing us is the only thing left."

    We have to say NO. We have to make support for sharia as inexpressible as is support for another great Moslem institution, slavery. We have to make it clear that Islam may only be a private matter, not a public institution. Once we accept that responsibility our course will become much easier.

    The problem is, who will say these things? They are unsayable in public because they will always be designated as racism, intolerance, paranoia, or some other evil by any media or educational outlet.

    Don't think that mushroom clouds over Paris or London or New York will make a difference, they won't. Do you really believe that a few hundred thousand dead westerners will make the New York Times editorial board say "We were WRONG. Kill millions. We won't complain."

    Hell, we won't even dispose of Terry Nichols.

    Which leaves us with three concieveable futures.

    1. More of the same bombing outrage/tough talk/appease/repeat cycle. Eventually we will allow the world to become so chaotic that China steps in to restore order.

    2. Public anger so pervasive and powerful that it installs serious people in authority. These serious people will come from no current large political machine, by definition they are not serious. Dark horses, third parties, or revolution. Don't look for much proportion or moderation from them.

    3. The jihadis finally DO fuck with the wrong people. They blow up a school in the Ukraine, an airport in India, or a train station with a French nuclear submarine captain's family inside it, and a serious leader does what we aren't tough enough to do. What harm would befall Belarus or Esthonia, or Capitaine de Vaisseau D'X, if one of them puts a few megatons on Mecca or Riyadh?

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    Welcome to a new police blogger!

    Courtesy of PC Copperfield. She's accurate and funny!

  • "For the first time, not all female police officers are lesbians, so that makes for a much happier atmosphere of flirting and inter-colleague affairs, rather than all the nasty insults about "dykes", which are now just reserved for those women officers with short hair."
  • A perfect jihad victory!

    Attention jihadis!

    Every time you fly, carry a cellular telephone. Be sure it can't be traced to you- steal one, or just get a broken one at a junk shop. When you fly, take it with you. When you arrive at your destination, leave it between the seat cushions. Eventually the infidels will find it. They will panic- I wonder how many tens, or hundreds, of thousands of pounds are sucked out of their economy by turning around a trans atlantic flight? Plus it reinforces the whole point of the jihad- the kuffar are craven weaklings.

    Their fear makes them stupid, too- no one thought to eject the thing from the airplane, take the batteries out, or just stamp it to bits?

    Allah is truly great.

  • " LONDON - A British Airways flight to New York was turned back to London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday because of a security scare over a mobile phone that did not belong to any of the passengers, officials said."
  • Suppose we hadn't "foiled" the latest bomb plot...

    It's a shame if the "liquid bomb" plot people actually went to the trouble of buying the chemicals, since they got 110% of their goal- demonstrating their mastery of us by fear- just by talking.

    But assuming they had succeeded, and on one day 10 airplanes had made unscheduled mid ocean landings, what would we do?

    I know, panic and cower, just like we have done. And our leaders would go obediently to mosques, to apologise for anger against Moslems that no one has or acts upon, and to explain that as long as one merely sympathises with murderers, one has a free ride. And there would be lots of appeals, weepy services, and the families of the dead would be sad and/or richer.

    But I mean, what would we do against the enemy?

    The actual plotters would be dead. Assuming we ever found out who on the missing airplanes blew them up- fat chance, unless someone talked- they are British. Their encouragers are British. There is no "proof" that there is any participant in, or financier of, the outrage who is not British.

    What do we do? Aside from just take it?

    Until we get aggressive with those who encourage murder, that's what we'll have to do. Get used to the idea, presidents and prime ministers. Now and then, you'll have to execute the sad announcement/grovel at mosque/memorial tribute/we are resolved speech/ wait for the next one gavotte. Your masters in Bradford and Dearborn will be in touch.

    Don't feel badly about being the puppet of random criminals. I'm sure that Washington and Pitt and Lincoln and Curchill would do exactly the same thing in your place.

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    "Islamic Fascism" is a term for the ignorant...

    This “Islamic Fascism” is a stupidly ahistorical phrase. The people engaged on the other side aren’t fascists, they have no political or economic ideology at all, fascist or otherwise. People just say “fascists” because that’s the leftover Soviet term of abuse, and it sounds bad.

    May as well call them “Islamic Klansmen” or "Islamic paedophiles" or "Islamic wearers of checks with stripes" for all the sense it makes.

    They are Moslems. Fanatical, extreme, fundamentalist, or just true believers, but their religion IS their ideology and war aim. It’s like saying the Crusaders were "Catholic Nazis" or those of Gustavus Adolphus “Protestant White Supremacists”.

    It still beats broad strata, though.

    Quoted on the Belmont Club!

    I'm famous, uncredited but even so.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Unintentionally hilarious OFFICIAL police blog...

    Thanks to P. C. Copperfield!

  • " IKrishna @ Babu R/o Mudadi house Batwal Taluk abused one Vishwanatha Poojary (43) R/o Mithakodi house Mudadi Bantwal Taluk in filthy language and assaulted by hand and also gave life threat owing to a trivial issue. "

  • Isn't it always a trivial issue?

    Franklin Roosevelt would FIRE CHERTOFF!

    "Look at CNN, Mumtaz! The brothers made the Jew Chertoff piss himself with fear! Over some bottles of peroxide!! Truly Allah is mighty."

    If he is "rattled", he is in the wrong place. If he can't keep it to himself, he is in the wrong place. The chatterboxes who talked to the media about this are in the wrong place.

    SHUT THE FUCK UP, idiots! Knowledge is power, but only if you keep it to yourself. The answer to "How was the terror plot foiled?" should be:

    "Infidel magic. Next question."

  • ""Wednesday night was a long and troubling one for Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. A bubbling plot by British citizens to blow up airplanes had come to a boil in the past three days, and as British authorities arrested dozens of suspects around London, it was Chertoff's job to coordinate the U.S. defenses. Scary intelligence reports pop up all the time, but this particular terror operation got close enough to being carried out that it rattled even the normally sedate Chertoff. "Very seldom do things get to me," he told Rep. Peter King, the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, in a phone call late Wednesday night. "This one has really gotten to me." "
  • Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Another Moslem victory, with not a single casualty...

    “Did you see the news today, Ahmad? All the brothers had to do was TALK ABOUT carrying bombs onto airplanes, and now they quake in fear of every gym bag! Until the end of time, no Infidel will carry a Godless bottle of water or satanic book onto an airplane! Millions of money and thousands of hours of aggravation, just from talk!

    Allah is truly mighty, that the west cowers from the very thought of martyrdom operations!”

    Next year, look for a terrorist plot involving exploding underwear. Then we'll have to fly naked.

    If we overreact to the point where millions of passengers can't carry a laptop onto an airplane, then they have beaten us. We're just waiting for the next command. When there's a conspiracy about bombs in ships, look for multi billion dollar ship precautions and follow on delay and expense. Train bombs? Inspect every boxcar with the new Federal Department of Every Box Car Inspection.

    What strikes me is that they are winning huge economic victories without taking a single casualty. They just have to find some jihadis who are willing to "conspire", get caught, spend a few years in a safe western prison, and come out as heroes. We- as we permit our masters to direct us- deserve to lose.

    The proper reaction is this:

    "Today, we discovered a plot to bomb airplanes. We know that the oil revenues of Saudi Arabia are used to finance the men who encourage and plan similar conspiracies- maybe this one, maybe not. I have today ordered the sequestration of every bank account and financial instrument owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ten per cent of each account or instrument will be deducted to pay for investigation, infiltration, and destruction of jihad encouragers. To help prevent conspiracy, every cellular telephone tower in Saudi Arabia has been disabled. To promote air safety, no airplane may fly to, from, or over Saudi Arabia. These measures will continue for at least the next 180 days. Since no one was injured in this jihad attempt, we have not killed the hundred most senior government officials of Saudi Arabia, nor have we confiscated that country's oil infrastructure. We hope this encourages the government of Saudi Arabia to bend its efforts to discourage murderers rather than to incite them. To other governments, Saudi Arabia was a random choice among jihad encouragers. Next time it could be you. To our own citizens who side with our enemies, think again. To those who call this disproportionate, if you were on those airplanes you would think differently. No reaction to threats against Americans is disproportionate or beyond imposition. I will not go to another funeral caused by our weakness."

    "The carrots have failed. I will fight the war they want. I will over react. I will profile. I will punish disproportionately. I will put cruise missiles and SEAL / SAS teams on the kings and prime ministers who finance this. We will ATTACK our enemies. THEY will never know where the next blow will strike. THEY will wonder what form it will take. THEY will fear US. That is all."

    No one walks around Germany with a swastika on. Why not? It's not sensitivity or guilt, it's because the last time that happened, Germany was turned into a smoking ash heap.

    SOME political leader is missing a real chance.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Quote for the day...

    Means more with the picture.

    Courtesy of

    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    This may be the last time I vote...

    I went to vote the other morning. In addition to primaries for November, there were about 40 state races, mostly appellate court judge retentions. I studied up, even on the ones from far away so I wouldn't be voting uninformed.

    As I left the poll, the next voter was a big fat man wearing a FAR TOO tightly stretched tee shirt. It was dirty, but still proudly emblazoned:


    Universal suffrage is silly.

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Oikophobia is your new word for the day...

    Tears of the white man is rather unwieldy, so Mr. Scruton's new creation is welcome.

  • " National history is taught as a tale of shame and degradation. The art, literature and religion of our nation have been more or less excised from the curriculum, and folkways, local traditions and national ceremonies are routinely rubbished.
    This repudiation of the national idea is the result of a peculiar frame of mind that has arisen throughout the Western world since the Second World War, and which is particularly prevalent among the intellectual and political elites. No adequate word exists for this attitude, though its symptoms are instantly recognized: namely, the disposition, in any conflict, to side with ‘them’ against ‘us’, and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably ‘ours’. I call the attitude oikophobia – the aversion to home – by way of emphasizing its deep relation to xenophobia, of which it is the mirror image. Oikophobia is a stage through which the adolescent mind normally passes. But it is a stage in which intellectuals tend to become arrested."

    "And one of the weapons that the élite has used, in order to ensure that it is never troubled by the truths that it denies, is to accuse those who wish to discuss the problem of ‘racism and xenophobia’. People of my generation have been brought up in fear of this charge, just as the people of Salem were brought up in the fear of being denounced as witches. "

    " "All whites are racist, whether or not knowingly’. There you have it, endorsed by a prestigious academic and professional body: all whites are racist, whether or not knowingly.That, to my mind, is a racist remark of the lowest kind, one that attributes to people of a certain skin-colour an enormous moral fault, and one which they can do nothing to overcome, since they possess it unknowingly. "
  • Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Now THIS is a case report...

    My new colleague is the BEST. I asked how a case went, and I got this report.

    Wee Willie Something
    Went for a ride.
    As it turned out,he
    should have stayed inside.

    It was Wee Willie's cousin
    who led him astray,
    He said, " I will steal me
    a nice car today."

    And wouldn't you know it
    there sat the Crown Vic,
    keys in it, still running,
    just ripe to be picked.

    So in it they jumped
    and took off down the screet.
    If the man hadn't seen them
    it would have been sweet.

    Then Wee Willie's cousin
    let Wee Willie out.
    And there stood the owner,
    who said with a shout,

    "Who is that sitting
    behind my Vic's wheel?"
    But loyal Wee Willie
    wouldn't dare squeal.

    That's how Willie wound up
    under arrest.
    He'd have been better off
    If he had just confessed.

    When the police came to get him
    they sure didn't smile.
    Wee Willie's seventeen,
    a mere juvenile.

    Will dealt with his charge
    in the very worst way.
    He said,
    "I just won't go to court today!"

    Wee Willie's eighteen now-
    when they see him around
    the cops will arrest him
    and take him DOWNTOWN.

    With Wee Willie's luck
    they will add to the docket
    a charge for the drugs
    that he'll have in his pocket.

    Watch out, Judge Kosinski!

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Where is God?

    I know strong faith should prevent asking the question, but mine is weak and I struggle with reason. This is not for the faint of heart.

  • Click here to see the Fusco Chernobyl slide show.
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Another vast slum renovation...

    $39 million to tear down and replace a "housing project" concentration camp in Nashville. 498 "units". That's $78,000 per "unit". As usual, far more than it would cost to buy a modest house for each family. Definitely more than it would cost to build 498 modest houses commercially. Can't do that, though. Then they might get off the plantation, lots of house owners vote... Republican.

    We are a sad joke..

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    A cry of the heart in the form of buggery...

    First, read this silliness...

  • "Shortbus," an explicit, largely improvised arthouse flick that includes a rendition of the American national anthem during a gay sex scene, is a direct provocation, director John Cameron Mitchell admitted.

    "It's a little bit of a cri de coeur to us, a little bit of a call to arms" against the prevailing conservatism, he told a media conference, adding that his country was living in "the era of Bush, which is about clamping down, being scared."

    The 43-year-old, whose previous work was "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," about a transsexual rock singer, said the film was his own small act of defiance against Bush.

    "If you can't do elections you might as well do erections," he said.

    Although the first half of the film is filled with sex, including orgies and masturbation, the act itself is not meant to be erotic but rather to challenge the audience and make it confront issues such as loneliness, the illusion of self-sufficiency and other seemingly unrelated problems, Mitchell said.

    One scene likely to create controversy in the United States and some other countries shows a gay threesome in which one participant joyfully bellows "The Star Spangled Banner."

  • I'm sorry, but, WHAT? How twisted up a mind does one have to have to think that a picture of catamites doing what they do while singing the national anthem means anything at all? If this is the cry of your heart, you are profoundly poor of spirit.

    "Hmm, here I have a couple of million euros. What movie can I make that will be meaningful, that will advance the human condition, that will show my heart?

    I KNOW!!!"

    Every decent homosexual I've ever known just wanted his or her sexuality to be irrelevant, as it should usually be. Why do some people think that I, and straight people generally, give a rat's scabby ass about some stranger's sexual tastes? Here's a clue- WE DON"T. Unless I am or might become involved, I would rather that EVERYONE'S sexual tastes and activities remain private. It's NOT MY BUSINESS. Just as mine is not theirs.

    But that's not enough for this character. He has to put it in the spotlight, "Look at me!"

    Don't even get me started with making homosexuals a legally protected class. If we're going to start protecting people based on whom they like to fuck, sign me up for some affirmative action because I like women to wear heels and stockings. That's a sexual taste, just like Mr. Mitchell's is.

    And if it's exterme sexual tastes only, then we should start out protecting furries.

    News flash, artboy- you can't "defy" someone who is not trying to assert control over you. And where is this "clamping down"?

    I'll tell you where it is. It's in the places where they HANG sodomites. Why don't you try to "directly provoke" the people who would legally and proudly KILL YOU? Sing the IRANIAN anthem, or the SAUDI.

    Then you WOULD be standing up for homosexuals who ARE persecuted.


    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Official English language law...

    that actually does something. Here's a draft for Congress:

    “English is the official language of the United States.

    Not withstanding any other provision of law, all documents, regulations, statutes, reports, and records of the United States shall be created, made, and printed in English only. Not withstanding any other provision of law, no document, regulation, statute, report, or record of the United States shall be translated into, distributed, or printed in any foreign language at public expense.

    The only exceptions to this section are:

    (a) The translation or transcription of evidence and proceedings in which a party or witness is unable to understand or communicate in English, to the extent necessary to make the proceedings or testimony comprehensible to the party or witness. In all such proceedings, the English version of the record shall be the official record.

    (b) Communications on behalf of the United States which are prepared for transmission, or actually transmitted, solely to foreign countries.

    (c) Reports or transcripts of communications originally generated in a language other than English, when such reports or transcripts are made to an officer or employee of the United States in the course and scope of his duties.

    Inability of any person under the jurisdiction of the United States to understand or communicate in English will not impair any right due such person under the laws of the United States.

    Inability of any person to understand or communicate in English sufficiently to perform his duties shall disqualify all such persons from holding office or employment of the United States.

    No form or application procedure for any benefit requested from the United States under any educational, welfare, grant, or other such program will be prepared, conducted,or accepted for review in any language other than English.

    Inability to understand a proceeding conducted in English shall disqualify any person from acting as a trier of fact or law in that proceeding.

    Inability of any person under the jurisdiction of the United States to understand or communicate in English will not relieve such person of any duty imposed by the laws of the United States.

    Inability of any person under the jurisdiction of the United States to understand or communicate in English may not be considered in any way as a defense, or as a mitigating factor, in any proceeding where such a person is accused of a crime or otherwise a party in any action before any adjudicatory proceeding of the United States. Evidence of such inability shall not be admitted in any proceeding for such purpose.”

    How’s that?

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    A reaction to my Hirsi welcome!

    The author of

  • , a quite useful news collector whom I'll blogroll, tells me

    "The US deserves Magan/Ali whatever her name is", and cites us to an article which rightly reminds us that Theo Van Gogh was slaughtered and should be remembered for his work and death. He's right about that and I agree. The article goes on to review Ms. Hirsi's financial success from self promotion, and I suppose that's true enough, Jane Ordinary Somali wouldn't be on a lecture tour but J. O. S. didn't write "Submission" either. The article continues,

  • " Her deragatory remarks about Islam and Muslims, as a member of parliament have rendered her ineffectual when it comes to having an influence on Muslims,and carrying out her stated mission to liberate Muslim women. As a result she made her name 'preaching to the converted',and has announced that she is working on a book with the preticious title "The Path to Enlightenment".Besides the fact that Ali is no theologian, it is obvious that no Muslim would care to be enlightened by someone who has publicly renounced their religion and is considerd an apostate."

  • EXACTLY. We are not trying to "enlighten" Moslems within their religion. Our liberties are inconsistent with Moslem theology. Sharia is inconsistent with the U. S. Constitution. A "true believing Moslem" can't live his faith, as currently defined by our enemies, in our world. Not any more than he could dine at
  • Waycrazy's
  • , or permit his daughter to dance in the ballet.

    If you are a Moslem, and you believe that your society should have civil religious liberty, you ARE an apostate.
    If you are a Moslem and believe that women who want to should be free to show their hair or vote, you ARE an apostate.
    If you are a Moslem, and believe that your society should contain stores where bacon or Bibles are freely sold, you ARE an apostate. Our enemies are as pure as Loyola- there are only believers and the damned.

    And an essential, organic part of their belief is that there should be NO SUCH THING AS CIVIL SOCIETY. They believe that all life should be guided by Allah's will, and that will includes no freedom for non believers. Dhimmi or dead.

    And we can fight them by example or choose to continue not to.

    No, she's not perfect. But I believe her message is better than the one from the Taliban's press secretary. And her message- that Islam, as believed, preached, and practiced by our enemies- is slavery and violence for women- should be shouted loudly and regularly. Our red "feminists" are M.I.A. about it, their eyes closed by tears of the white man.

    Anything that helps draw the lines more clearly is a good thing. If our enemies hate her, if they see her as their enemy, then she belongs here. Her presence is a giant signal "WE ARE YOUR ENEMY. WE SHELTER AND PRAISE THE APOSTATE. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HER HERE. LOOK, HERE SHE CAN SAY WHAT SHE WANTS. ". Face it- Europe won't, can't resist effectively. We, the U. S., are the real foe of slavery, the place they can't leave alone. Our culture is killing theirs.

    So again, welcome.

    Ayaan Ali Hirsi- WELCOME!!!

    The web is full of rumours that Ms. Hirsi is moving to the U. S.

    Their loss, our gain, she stands as a refutation and thorn to the enemies of freedom.

    I hope her first act is to do something she can't do in Holland- buy a pistol.

    No, wait, she won't be able to do that in N. Y. or D. C., either. Oh well.

    If she wants a sponsor, sign me up!

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Absolutely hilarious dance routine...

    I know, it's all over the web, but Judson Laipply's "Evolution of Dance" is hilarious. I'm green with envy.

    Love that YouTube.

  • "Click here to watch it."
  • Monday, May 08, 2006

    The unsaid thing about Moussaoui...

    If, on September 5, 2001, Zacarias Moussaoui had called the F. B. I. and told what he knew, he'd now be 4 years into a life of freedom, with an annuity and a new identity.

    And if one of the 19 had, he'd also be rich, renamed, and not just vapour.

    Future conspirators should always remember that there is a really good escape hatch. We WILL make it worth your while to save your own life and the lives of innocents.

    No one has said this as far as I know. and it should have been trumpeted loudly.

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Once again, our President misses a chance-

    "Maa'm, I don't know who you are. But together we will give this man an example of why America is great. You come up here and take my place on this rostrum for 5 minutes. That will be more important than anything I have to say".

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    My felony crime...

    I was teaching riding lessons in Weston, Connecticut. The next town over is Westport, a famed artistique community which parades its oh so bien pensant sensibilities proudly. One of the ways it does so is to decorate the town on "United Nations WEEK" with the flags of all nations. April 27 fell during U. N. week, and I was in Westport that day on some errand at about noon.

    I drove past the Cuban flag. I drove past the Red Chinese flag. I drove past the Soviet flag. I'm sure on League of Nations day in 1941 they had the Nazi and Japanese flags up.

    And then I got to the very middle of the bridge over the river.

    I could no more have not done what I did than I could have stopped myself from breathing. I braked the car and got out. While the BMW and Mercedes drivers honked, I climbed up on the railing of the bridge. So no one would think this was a result of a gust of wind, I broke off the top half of the 8 foot 2x2 flag pole, ripped the banner away and threw it in my trunk. With a cheery wave I drove off.

    There were the predictable IRATE OUTRAGED letters in the local rag. My letter of explanation to the rag was not printed.

    I called the police to turn myself in a couple of days later. The man who answered turned me over to "the detective handling the case".

    "Lieutenant Soandso here. You want to turn yourself in for the flag vandalism? Where are you, we will come and pick you up."

    "You do know what flag it was that you will be arresting me for tearing down, don't you?"

    "No, what was it?"

    I told him.

    Long silence.

    "Um, I think you are mistaken. No crime was committed on the Westport Bridge. We don't need to know where you are. Thank you for calling and have a GOOD DAY."

    April 27, 1980.

    Proud of it. I'd do it again.

    (True, it was the old Shah one, but the Revolution was a year past. The communists on the town planning board just hadn't access to the new one yet, or were too ignorant to know it had changed. They meant Iran.)

    An hilarious locution...

    Someone said to a friend of mine, "You should be working 24-7".

    His reply, 'I do- 24 hours a week, 7 months a year."

    May be old, but it made me laugh.

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    The best hardware store name...

    On the outskirts of Amman...

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Princess Diana's ditch...

    I know this is old, bur her memorial is a GUTTER.



    For once, the government got it absolutely perfect.

  • "It is a fitting tribute to the Princess of Wales..."

  • If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    The American settlement on religion...

    The American settlement on religion has been on my mind lately. Since I visited Shawbak, I've been musing on religious war.

    Our bien pensants deny it, our ignorant stay that way, and "moderate Moslems" stand up like "moderate Germans" in 1936. But we are in a religious war anyway. Why don't we see it and deal with it as one?

    The modern European experience with wars of religion dates to the 16th and 17th centuries. The conflicts between the Catholic and Prostestant princes during that era were between competing rulers. Faith might have started as the tool, excuse, or marker for that power, and the power was the ultimate goal for those rulers. But the tool turned on them, and the populations eventually engaged in a genuine religious war. They fought to exterminate an idea, and thus the lives of all those who believed that idea. The wars of religion were even worse than civil wars- which of course they were, too.

    But unlike civil wars between two princes and their adherents, religious wars have one terrible difference. Surrender is not possible. Catholics, unlike Confederates, could not accept defeat because surrender was damnation. The loser must die, or make an essential change to his very soul.

    So the wars continued until one side won or lost, and by 1700 every country in Europe was, officially and overtly, Catholic or Protestant.

    Eighty years later, the recently free American colonies founded their Republic. The English Civil War, a religious war, was only two long lifetimes in the past. The founders had been nurtured on tales of that heroic and frightening time. And many of them were true, serious religious believers.

    Yet they lived in a place which was a patchwork of sects. There was no king, whose faith the new country could follow. More importantly, these men had just fought a civil war together for their shared belief in liberty. They really really believed in that, all of them.

    So they came up with an historically new solution. There would be no state faith, no wars of religion here.

    Granted, much of Europe was already heading toward tolerance. Few places actively punished religious dissent, cetainly England had slacked off substantially. But the United States made it the law.

    And it worked pretty well. The Europeans adopted the idea, many of them officially and all unofficially. And those of us in the West have grown up with that. The aberrations, Germany 1933-40 and the continuing Irish wreck, have proved the rule to us.

    Religious tolerance has eroded the power of religion as a source of real conflict. Almost everyone in the west looks on Eric Rudolf as an evil nut. Not even Farrakhan or Robertson advocate killing heretics. That's given us two serious problems.

    First, we have gotten to the point that we cannot understand a war of religion in our hearts, like we cannot understand eating dogs and cats. We really and truly do not comprehend burning buildings and killing people over cartoons or books in a toilet. And because we can't understand it, we don't deal with it appropriately. We are like our ancestors trying to deal with cancer by exorcism.

    This goes for both the lefties and the neocons, though the neocons at least make SOME sense. They seem to have figured out that peace requires that our enemies stop doing what they do. The left thinks we can negotiate the commands of Allah.

    But to paraphrase Trotsky, religious war is interested in us. There are millions of people who truly believe that killing us is a command of God. Whether it makes sense to us or not is irrelevant. Because we have lived so long without war at home, we can't really imagine it.

    I see a similar reaction from non typical victims of violent crime. They simply cannot process that they were robbed, beaten, or raped for NO REASON AT ALL BUT THE JOY OF THE CRIMINAL. The entire event was without reference to the victim as a person, they were just there. What a terrifying and depersonalising thought- to be just an object. No wonder victims blame themselves. Better to have had one's jaw broked "because I smarted off" than "because he could".

    This is behind the weak nature of our justice systems- our legislators don't imagine that there are people who LIKE to do bad things to genuinely innocent people. Truly imagining predators among us is so frightening that they pretend that criminals are just misguided or confused. The very idea that a person who rapes can be "rehabilitated" is facially stupid. So stupid that only judges and legislators can accept it. But the rapists are out there, and they will be what they are.

    The second, deeper problem our fortunate history gives us flows from our loss of passion about faith. We cannot seem to understand, on a really deep level to BELIEVE, that liberty IS a religion. Our faith in reason and tolerance does everything for us that Sharia does for Hamza. I t provides us with rules, a culture, values, protection, survival, a whole life. We live and thrive by and through free exchange of thought and goods. Without that liberty we might still exist, but we would not be us anymore. We'd be Cuba or Libya.

    Our faith is complete. It is, to us, so self evidently right that we actually believe it's impossible to disagree. We seem to think that our enemies can somehow be persuaded, by force or example, to accept our ways. Since getting along has worked so well for us, we truly wonder: can't we all just get along?

    But we aren't getting along, any more than the Moslems are.

    We are in an aggressive religious war against Islam. We attack it every minute with our voting women and our ill mannered children and our drugs and our internet. The theocracies of the middle east, and their powerful religious heirarchies, cannot survive in the same world as western values any more than Castro or Kim, who wall themselves off .

    Thirty years ago, we weren't in the same world, the Moslem places and the West had little interaction. Now we are bumping into each other everywhere. The barren sands of Yemen are polluted by reruns of Friends, and fathers in Dearborn try to force their daughters to stay home and marry their cousins.

    We can't all just get along.

    And in a religious war, surrender is impossible.

    If you don't think we have a state religion that is also real, that we hold in our hearts, that we willingly kill and die for, click on the paragraph below and read the whole thing. I dare you.

  • "IThe World Trade Center is not America. Oh, in a way it is - a marvel of engineering, a hub of wealth creation, designed by a man of Japanese ancestry, constructed by hand by citizens whose people came from Europe, Asia, Africa. Men who prayed to one God, to many, to none. All colors and creeds constructed that building; like any skyscraper in any American city, the World Trade Center was the legend of Babel refuted in stone and glass.

    But it was merely a manifestation of America. If the terrorists had a finer grasp of American culture, they might have headed for the Empire State Building. It has a greater claim as a national symbol. It went up during the overture to the Depression, a statement of optimism in a world of compounded doom. Its lines are serious and austere, yet romantic and ennobling. A zeppelin docked at its summit; King Kong climbed its cliffs. Even the name contains the contradictions of America - we are an empire, yes but an empire whose provinces are knitted together by an idea. A concept. A bold proposition: citizenship is not based on blood, on clan, on tribe, but on a belief in an ideal. "
  • Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Stop financing Chavez! Boycott Citgo!

    You know Mr. Chavez? Mr. Castro's bum boy? The one who says that the U. S. is the world's biggest terrorist?

    He pays for his anti Americanism at all those lovely Citgo gas stations. I stopped buying there when he had his little coup, but I've not seen it discussed and people may not know. We ought to boycott Stalinito's stop and robs.

    Not that I think it will actually happen, of course. Most Americans seem too stupid to catch the link between the money they spend here and the pockets into which it goes. At least judging by the amount of wasted petroleum I see. And even if they do figure it out, they can't be bothered to cross the street to go to another gas station.

    Still, we might cost Chavez a little pin money, if we publicise the connection.

  • "In the 1990s, CITGO was purchased by Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. "

  • If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    Damn, it's too warm for a scarf now...

  • "I wonder how long it will be before there is a call to outlaw blue scarves?"

  • If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

    Thursday, March 09, 2006


    I just love this so much. Big champions of the American worker, single mothers, liberation of strong women. Ha Ha Ha.

    "My husband does all that money stuff, I'm just a girl". Tessa may have made that fly, but not even the MSM can sell it on Senator Clinton. Or is it Rodham again now?

    My favourite

  • "Mrs Clinton's tough stance that the deal represented an "unacceptable risk" to national security has caused UAE officials some consternation."

  • I'll bet it has, a million and a half doesn't buy much Democrat, does it?

  • "Hillary Clinton, a leading opponent of DP World's takeover of some US port operations, was this week forced to admit that she did not know her husband had advised Dubai leaders on how to handle the growing dispute."

  • If she had been a Republican "forced to admit" would have been "claimed", or "asked people to believe".

    My favourite is this bit-

  • "It was part of an effort by the emirates, said a person close to UAE officials, to forge a close relationship with a former US president who is influential and highly regarded in the region."

  • "PART"? A million and a half is PART? What is out there we don't know about yet? Under the new Cheney standards, aren't the Clintons responsible for alerting the national media instantly?

    I really like "forge a close relationship". There are at least 3 single words that cover the concept of forging a relationship with cash, Mr. Journaliste.

    Buy, rent, and whore.

    If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Can a police blog be "charming"?

    Because that's what this one is. After all my years dealing with crime and "the system", it's nice to remember what it was like to be fresh. I'd rather be new and hopeful than all beat down and realistic.

    Maybe somewhere inside I still am.

    Maybe somewhere inside all of us that earnest rookie still keeps us willing horses pulling.

  • "By the time I finished my shift I was quite tired but had thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had actually worked as a police officer and was treated as such by both the officers and the public. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my family - and I couldn’t wait for my next shift."

  • If you click on the blue paragraph above, the article I quote from will appear as if by magic.

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    They hate us, we fear them...

    No matter how many tears the white man cries, he is still the enemy. "When... you are driven to trek across a desert in order to mow those people’s lawns for them, the humiliation is doubled."

    They ARE winning. It's obvious, we are acting like losers. Our military power is being used to "build democracy". Not to protect us, or to make us feared.

    There will be a time- this week? Some day in 2011? when our defeat is clear. Savannah or Honolulu or Topeka will be a smoking hole, and some president will be unwilling to retaliate. Unable to even think, "Patience my ass, I'm going to kill something." The rockets will sit in their silos, so some president can take the "moral high ground". So he can send a message that live Arab civilians are more important than dead Americans. That's the message of the Cole, the Khobar towers, and so many other outrages followed by measured response.

    This fool we have now is supposed to be the tough side of our culture. A winner says something like "This is the free world. We publish what we like." Only a loser says "We're sorry we offended you." The Arabs know what it means as they burn our embassies and WE counsel OUR restraint..

    Westerners who have not seen war, westerners who haven't travelled to the third world, have NO IDEA what it is like out there. The world outside the west is, in large part, just like the worst housing project in your town, minus the nice amenities. The strongest and meanest rule, period. Our enemies can't believe that we are so weak, that we accept such humiliation. We will not wake up until we have no choice, and probably not then.

    The article I link to below says truths that are simply unsayable in general public discourse, beter than I can. Dislike the truths, but that does not make them false.

  • If you don’t think we fear them, read some of the responses by people like the British Foreign Secretary to the recent Muslim riots.  They are full of passion and rage; we are full of smug illusions.  They dream of slaughter and sacrifice; we dream of celebrities and gadgets. 
  • Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    President Bush is a leftist AND a fool...

    "The recoil should not be your first clue you grabbed the wrong gun."

    Mrs. Meiers was foolish enough, but the ports deal? The Dubai deal IS old news, but the real question is, why do we have ANY foreign company running ANY U. S. port????


    We need to get back to American nationalism. We have spent too much effort trying to buy friends, rather than demanding that others earn our friendship. These tinhorn tyrants are just fake friends anyway, and even Joan Jett knows about those.

  • Mr. Lileks says it best-I would rather we had a system devoted to worrying about ifs and maybes instead of adopting an official policy of Whatever.
  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Senator Says He Did Nothing Improper With Love...

    At last, a legislator says something bad about bribery. Only after being implicated, of course, but still it's nice to hear something other than praise for traitors.

    Plus, what a great headline!

  • To offer a bribe or to take one is, to me, tantamount to treason as it subverts justice and the integrity needed for our form of government to work.
  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Theodore Roosevelt and Coretta Scott King...

    When King Edward VII died in 1910. former President Roosevelt happened to be in England and was invited to attend the funeral. It was a huge pageant and procession, which was governed by ancient medieval rules.

    The various presidents of republics, having no titles of nobility, were assigned to march behind the Emperors, Kings, Dukes, and Barons.

    The President of France found it unreasonable that he had to follow a bunch of titled nobodies, and told Roosevelt so. T. R.' reply-

    "For God's sake, keep quiet. This is a funeral."

    I am only saying.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Cherie Blair dhimmi bum, dead multiculturalism, Arthur Miller is trash...

  • Triple threat today- On stage in Jeddah, Cherie advised the ladies not to rock the boat. "Women must combine the desire for progress with a degree of patience... It isn't her fault. When your opportunities to speak are squeezed into the world's most impressive freeloading schedule, confusions arise.

  • if multiculturalism is dead, then what will replace it, at least in Europe, will not be the culture that first conceived it. It will be the culture and community with the most vigor, the most confidence -- and the greater willingness to kill. That community is obvious to all

  • Who knows how many millions of schoolchildren have been turned off theatre for life by having to read All My Sons, which sternly tells us that selling inferior airplane parts is very, very wrong. How many others have squirmed before the emotional blackmail of Death of a Salesman and its insistence that, even though your father neglects and scorns you, deep down he really loves you.

  • Click on the each text for the entire article.

    The Boomers' Final Crime...

    It looks as though the lazy, self indulgent "boomer" generation is about to stick us with their medical and nursing home bills.

    But that's not their last crime on following generations. About 2010 or so, they will start to want that 401(k) money. And having degraded its value with their demand for handouts, they won't want to pay the deferred taxes- on which all the estimates of revenue are based.

    I feel confident that they will use their voting power to make those taxes go away. Thal about an inflation bomb going off! The mechanics are simple, the Fed will just crate YET MORE money.

    I am looking out for the 401(k) Tax Forgiveness Act of 2012 (or 2016).

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Jenna Jameson and Albert Einstein...

    Yesterday I was part of a conversation in which someone mentioned Professor Einstein's opinions about political matters as if they were the last word.

    Of course I said, "Hold hard there, what difference do his opinions make?"

    "He was a GENIUS!"

    "A genius at math and self promotion, how does that make him an expert about other stuff?"

    "He was a GENIUS. He's a lot smarter than you and me."

    "So what? Jenna Jameson can give a better blow job than you or I, that doesn't make her a heart surgeon."

    Feel free to use it if you'd like next time someone trots out someone whose skill in one area is used to make them an expert in another. It definitely got the point across.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    I referred to Demark nuking a tyrant in June 2005...

  • so there.
  • Fatwa Me!

  • If you want to be added to the fatwa list, click here.

  • Thanks to infidelharlot for the inspiration.
  • Cartoon heroes...

    With apologies to AQUA,

    "The editorial staff of the alternative weekly New York Press walked out today, en masse, after the paper's publishers backed down from printing the Danish cartoons that have become the center of a global free-speech fight."

    "...even on the far margins of the world-historical stage, we are not willing to side with the enemies of the values we hold dear, a free press not least among them."

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I offer for your attention.
  • Monday, February 06, 2006

    An important victory for free speech...

    Among all the cartoon craziness, there was an important victory for free speech that no one seems to want to notice. Nick Griifin, a British politician, was criminally tried for saying some truths about some Muslims at a public meeting.

    The jury acquitted him on one count and did not convict on the others. This letter to The First Post lays out the facts better than any news story, including the actual "criminal" words used- calling some rapists "bastards" and saying that Islam is a "wicked" and "vicious" religion, whose Koran encourages ill treatment of non Muslim women.

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I offer for your attention.
  • Friday, February 03, 2006

    Watching Zimbabwe collapse...

    I've added a really worthwhile blog to the sidebar,

  • .

    The author lives inside Mugabe's abbatoir, and is blogging the collapse of civilazation there from the inside.

    I wish "the west" could do what's right there, but it won't happen. Jesse Jackson would get all upset if we saved thousands of African slaves from a Ukrainian style famine.

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Government- YOU TAXPAYERS- bail out the league...

    ..."you and me and anyone who pays taxes or uses the Royal Mail is subsidising the League Against Cruel Sports. "


  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I offer for your attention.
  • Monday, January 23, 2006

    My Boss...

    Is great. Not just competent at the work, but good about getting the best out of us. Plus a recogniser of a great truth, "Most of what we do is just getting other people to do what they are supposed to do."

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Australian liberal minister commits street robbery...

    In the last election, Mr. Howard barely beat Mr. Latham- an opponent of Australia's alliance with the United States.

    This lunatic was nearly prime minister of Australia last election. Now he's robbing people personally, not just through socialism.

    A reporter had the AUDACITY to take his PICTURE on the PUBLIC STREET.

    So he grabbed the reoprter's $12,000 camera, and when the reporter demanded it back, hit the reporter.

    That's robbery with violence. What does that carry in Australia? 3-6 years here for a first offender. Which he's not.

    "It looks like he spent a good hour hopping into it with a claw hammer..."

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I offer for your attention.
  • Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Meat bribery is legal...

    Yes, according to the D. A., bribes of meat, and actions taken to alter the criminal process under the influence of meat, are not criminal.

    Cheap meat, too.

    "Even without a direct exchange, however, dismissing tickets as a favor has “a bad ring to it,” said Joe C. Loser Jr., dean of the Nashville School of Law.

    “But I don’t know of any statute that prohibits it.”

    How about Tennessee Code 39-16-402, Official Misconduct:

    A public servant commits an offense who, with intent to obtain a benefit...(5) Receives any benefit not otherwise authorized by law".

    Or, 39-16-102, Bribery of a Public Servant:

    A person commits an offense who (2)While a public servant... accepts any pecuniary benefit upon an agreement or understanding that the public servant's ... action as a public servant will thereby be influenced".

    Yes, triviality is a defence to both charges, but that's a question for jurors, isn't it?

  • Please CLICK HERE for the article I offer for your attention.