Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Prettiest Sewer...

Once upon a time, there was a public consensus that we were proud of what our public employees did, that we demanded that they work in beauty at a place that shouted that it was built for the ages.

Even the place that pumped the sewers.

I wonder if somehow they knew that government service in general was about to go right down the toilet?

It's a shame Mr. Parkinson never revisited Chapter Six. What would he have made of today's public buildings, known to be shoddy, temporary trash at the time of their design?

The old buildings are gorgeously human, though. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Cooper at School...

Catherine Tate (not the Camden one) makes me laugh sometimes with Lauren.

She really just has one bit most of the time- this one with the Queen is typical, but most of the others are pretty repetetive.

But then there's French class, wait for it...

But English is the best.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cruelest. Headline. Evar.

Shark attack victim had 'the sweetest heart,' mom says

Next time you read an editorial from the Los Angeles Times telling you for whom to vote, or that some conservative is stupid or mean spirited, remember this headline.

Fight the Gell-Mann effect!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Days Autumn Woodland Hunting...

Off for back to back days. Saturday at eight, frost on the ground but too warm within a half hour.

It was a pretty day to be out, reasonably cool and the sun was pretty coming through the trees.

Hello, Domino's?

I shouldn't talk, I was texting my littermate in Bulgaria at the same time. Miracles and wonders.

Big old hawks are everywhere now.

We have farm diversity!

Equine, too- there were a couple of Swedish Sled Ponies out.

Actually they are Austrian Haflingers, but someone said Swedish Sled Ponies and it sounds more exotic.

The next day, at seven thirty, so cooler.

Again with the artistic misty shadows.

Hounds found in a big cedar wood, and pushed him around and around. He never left covert, but was viewed- a grey fox!

The first hunted around here in a looong time.

A lovely couple of hours, hounds never quit and the music was enhanced by the echoes and breakup effects from the woods and hillsides.

Sometimes those days are just what the doctor ordered, no scampering, just drinking it in.

Just Send Me My Million Dollars Now...

(Click on the blue links to understand what I'm referring to.)

Some things are just meant to go together, a perfect, um,

Those of us who originate the matchup idea ought to get something for being clever.

Another million to SR for the inspiration.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Good Morning Coyotes! Break's Over...

At last! Cubhunting at 8. A shame we didn't go at 7, it was perfect:

Quite a good day, the noise of hounds pushed a herd of deer from a wood.

Five minutes later, hounds drew through and only two puppies even noticed the deer's trail. Kermit and another feathered along a bit, but they were just checking-

L. spoke to them and back to the pack they went.

Ten minutes later, and BANG! Music crashed out, hounds were all on and tearing after a coyote.

Break's over, indeed!

They ran him for a while, but couldn't hold on and got strung out.

Then a couple more draws, and they put three out of one covert, young ones it looked like. Again, late in the morning, heat was making it more difficult.

Still, a pretty day to be out.

Of course, a few hounds were off on frolics and detours of their own.

I hate radios, but I luuuurves me some:

radio collars. MUCH easier to find those electric dogs.