Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A light bulb over my head about waste...

Government waste, that is. I read a rant- from a legislator, no less- about government waste. Specifically, a heated garage for the legislators to park in With the doors standing open, at 2 A. M., in the winter time. I see tremendous amounts of waste in government.

But then I realised, it's not waste at ALL. It's PATRONAGE, because the money goes to some one, doesn't it? Even if it's just keeping a parking garage at 75 degrees, there's someone who is grateful, because he was paid to install and run that heating system.

It seems obvious, and it ought to be in the forefront of all our minds. Who, whom? as Lenin said.

The legislator's blog is at http://lastcar.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Anothe good story about wogs and skips...

This is why I write so little, there is so much really good stuff out there....


The finest thing ever about fostering evil....

Our therapeutic culture fosters and nurtures evil- as my grandfather said, you get what you pay for.


Dalrymple is brilliant. If you haven't read him, start, and if you aren't familiar with City Journal, go.

I'm back now, hunting reflections first of course....

Back after my last minute hunting trip for the "end" of legal hunting and the beginning of what's next- "illegal", "protest", "legal", or "new" hunting.

The last day with the D&S was amazing- at the end, the foxhounds ran into us and there was a tremendous jam up. And we closed down the White Horse, staying up until midnight and blowing the horn. (That's what the Americans heard- us down in the bar. )

Then the Saturday, what an experience. I particularly enjoyed the reaction to the police officer in the crowd, applause and cheers. We don't forget that the police, and we, are the good guys.

Despite my Rosa Parks outlook, I believe that we are doing the right thing for now, just keeping on "within the law". The time to stand up and get arrested is not yet.

And I still think someone should try going out with a full pack, but muzzled.