Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am stolen from...

I hired well reccommended roofers to repair my roof. I was clear and direct about how the work was to be done, the roofer boss repeated the job details to me.

I came home unexpectedly, to find the job being short cut. I remonstrated, and the roofer boss was surly but ended up doing the job right.

When I came home the next day to pay him and his crew off. I noticed that my recently filled 5 gallon gasoline can was not in its correct place on the porch. After I paid him, he drove away in his shiny new looking pickup truck. And when he had cleared the driveway, I saw the gasoline can sitting beside where the truck had been parked.

Yes, only about a half gallon left. He'd obviouslt poured 4 1/2 gallons into his truck.

Although the can says gasoline, I had just filled it with DIESEL FUEL.

I love it when the crime choice process fails dramatically.

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