Thursday, May 03, 2007

Marijuana for Children...

Following up on "Why Mommy is a Democrat", here's a lefty's reverie on teaching a child about dope.

My favourite part is where the child catches the 'rents getting high, and thinks they are smoking a CIGARETTE!

That, and hippie mother dresses the little girl as a patriarchal, racist, murderous, classist, trained killer, weapon worshipping feudal oppressor of women, the poor, and the weak.

  • Because, after all, it's just a plant. Like hemlock, dhatura, and cotton.

    Anonymous said...

    Brought to you by St. Joseph's Quaaludes for Children.

    Anonymous said...

    That's only ridiculous if you ignore the methods and expedients of the anti-drug enforcement organizations. The damage those cause to our civil liberties are greater than the damage from a few stoners.