Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was almost gagged!

And not in the fun way, either.

Defence lawyer's criminal was upset that the news sellers described his customer's actions based on the police report, so he filed a "Motion for Gag Order" to command me, the police officer, and the victim not to talk to the press.

My response was that none of us had talked to the press, we didn't intend to, but the Court was welcome to order us not to do what we intended not doing.

Based on that, he didn't issue an order.

I understand that the other Judges and defence lawyers are upset, feeling that the Judge should have issued an order that I not speak to anyone, ever, about anything. Missed opportunities.

And one did not have the chance to ask,

"Ball or Bit? Will the Court order Miss X from the clerk's office to put it in?"

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