Thursday, July 01, 2010

So, via Ann Coulter, a fun little movie...

Yes, that Ann Coulter. Go figure.

It has just about everything:

Pretty music, and a snappy song.

Bonus behind the scenes look at a holy place.

Two profoundly gorgeous dancers.

Someone than whom I dance better. (A very rare thing indeed)

AND, it looks like everyone connected with it had a good time every minute.

Thank you for making me smile and hum all day!

Next time I'm in London, drinks and dinner for Leanne Hainsby and Shelina Somani.

Hey, I can daydream too.

PS, Joe Stilgoe gets it from his father, here's an earworm for you:


Keads said...
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Barbara said...

Er, um, let me see. Hmmmmm. Nope. He's a better dancer.

staghounds said...

Alright, TWO daydreams.